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"Moving" Camera
  • I'm very much interested in "moving" camera. I got a run-n-gun style rig to "walk" around with GH2. It worked OK. Now I want more.

    I'm getting a bike handlebar mount. Only $3.27.

    Bike is fun. GH2 is fun. How about bike and GH2? Exciting!!!

    Any other suggestion to make the camera "moving" is welcomed.
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  • May be something like small steadicam and 14mm pancake? :-)

    From my expirience "moving" camera requires more skill than equipment.
  • just not the manfrotto modo 585 or glidecam pro 2000. both turned out to be useless for me.
    1st one is too light so even if you balance you gh2 correctly, it still is very shaky. 2nd is horrendously difficult to balance. tried all lenses, but I'm afraid the very form of GH2s body means finding the center of gravity is going to be a pain. I'm going to return mine to the store and try hd1000 instead. all the footage and most of the feedback that I found online votes for this option.
  • Steadicam... I don't know. I plan to use Lumix 14-42mm w/ continuous AF and OIS on. When the lens changes the focus automatically, wouldn't it throw away balance of steadicam?
  • Normally you do not need OIS on steadicam.
    As well as AF.
    DOF on 14mm must be enough on GH for many tasks.
  • Haha. This is crazy but I gave a try. Please don't laugh at me.

    I loosened a top handle and a shoulder pad connector on my cage rig so that all gears in my rig are aligned vertically where the top handle and the shoulder pad can swing back and forth little bit.

    I held the rig facing forward, began walking fast. Believe it or not, it seemed quite usable after post-processing image stabilization. Then I held the rig facing right side and circled around a target object. Looking good.

    Let me try this more this weekend and post some video about it.
  • I have a handle like that. It's the same hand grip that mimirsan has. $10 from Amazon. My super light run-n-gun style w/ ConnectR-2 and FastenR-2 from blackrapid attached to my good old compact camera bag. It works... sometimes.

    Frankly the ebay rig provides only one function and looks ugly. I have the editman's rig. Its been enhanced and tweaked a lot. It fits into my camera bag, Lowepro SlingShot 202 AW. Interestingly I can use it as a poor man's steadicam, too. Definitely not as good as other dedicated steadicams but good enough for my purpose. Switching from a shoulder rig to a steadicam takes only a few secs. Hehe. So does switching to a chest rig. Soon to be revealed to the world...
    run-n-gun style.JPG
    640 x 478 - 223K
  • Here it goes. Terrible color grading job. Just for quick fun. @14mm from Lumix 14-42. Taken with a rig only. Not bad, huh? @20mm added little more shake. @50mm... no good. too much shake.

  • was autofocus enabled? Also is there a way of utilizing auto exposure so you don't get the blown out highlights?
  • Lumix 14-42. AFC and OIS enabled. Yes there is a way to enable auto exposure, but the over exposure was done purposely. Original footage was not overexposed. I thought it was pretty cool to apply one of Magic Bullet Look preset. It exaggerated light exposure a lot. She's little over 3 ft. Getting her eye level... continuously moving shot... I'm pretty happy w/ the result.