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Could anyone let me know how to set up a stabiliser vest-arm?
  • I have a generic 5000 series stabiliser that I use by hand. Now through the wonders of the P-V deals I have the 1-7kg version by CAME.

    There wasn't an instruction manual so I've had a bit of a play and run about outside with it.

    I think that it has to be set as low as possible because the GH2 is so light. At the moment I can still do a better job by hand. I did have a go at running for which I got a better result -- but not like the smoothness in the demo videos.

    Could anyone point me in the right direction --- Thanks ..

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  • Just wait a little, we have few steadicam operators on forum.

    My personal note - add weight on top (below GH2). Bigger weight will improve both stabilizer itself and also improve arm action.

  • I don't have that model. Generically, I can say the following for a start: -research drop time and how to set it. -then, set pan stabilizer setting. (left right sway) This is always the hardest to control - It will probably be less squirlely with more weight as V says, Try with a heavy lens or set weights up top. This will affect drop time, so you'll need to add more weight to the bottom. While this will make the whole unit weight more it will have be less subjected to sway if balanced properly. - walk like you have a full glass of water. master a straight line walk first with constant speed before changing speed or doing turns.

    That's a start.

  • Sure... Find someone who knows what they're doing and have them instruct you for a couple of hours.