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A+A's Wedding Highlights | GH Cameras
  • Weddings are challenging. The GH cameras are my field weapons of choice. Speedy setups, quality of image, and peoples ability to relax around the gear we shoot on. For this shoot I used 3 GH2's and the camera that started it all for me - the Gh1. I employed mostly Takumar glass, with the wide angle stuff shot on the 12mm SLR Magic. I really likethe asthetic of the 12mm magic, but she's a contrasty girl compared to the Takumar glass. With a little help in post - everything cut together nicely though. These are great tools. Once you learn their strengths and weaknesses - then the best part of knowing your gear is being able to forget about it, and instead keep your attention on finding the story taking place around you.

    Monopods, Glidecam HD4000, PBPocket Dolly, and manfrotto sticks. LPowell's Flowmotion 2.02and 75mbit reliability settings were used in the cameras respectively. Post done in FPX. Continued thanks to Vitally for unlocking these cameras potential, and the pioneers who test and produce the settings we need for our work. And to Driftwood and LPowell to whom I've used the most settings. Merry Christmas to everyone here at May there be peace on earth, and good will toward men. Paul Christopher (pchristoph)

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  • wow great work man! one of the best wedding highlights I've seen. Did you give them back a full blu-ray with the whole deal on it?

  • @christianhubbard I'm still working on the full feature. They'll receive it in the new year. The bride was quite excited to get the highlights before Christmas too. (Wedding was shot over Thanksgiving) Thanks for the kinds words.

  • If you don't mind me asking, how do you structure the full feature? that's something i've always had trouble with.

  • @pchristoph


    But for me it is always interesting to know, why people spend amazing amount of money and resources and want to have so many people and even want to pay big money to have film about this event.

  • To say to the entire world (well, at least a russian and french guy saw it) :

    • we've made it!

    • What ?

    • We're together!

    • And ?

    • For our whole life, for Christ's sake!

    • Ah... ("but... seriously... then, what ?")

    My girlfriend seems to see the point. I'm just... not concerned, I guess.

    Ps : Respect for the beautiful work pchristoph. We can feel your experience and cold blood despite the nightmare around you (a nightmare for any videographer! and some others strange guys) ;-)

  • My girlfriend seems to see the point. I'm just... not concerned, I guess

    Btw, it is almost always seems to be same difference :-)

    Girl being female monkey want to share information about her archivement. I mean her men. How dominant monkey he is (handsome, have big money, etc)

  • Happy wife happy life!

  • @pchristoph -- proper Merry Christmas !!

  • @christianhubbard the feature is done sequentially. Cheers