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60p vs (24p + Twixtor)
  • I've been using 720p60 mainly for easy 40% speed in 24p timeline. But a few drawbacks. It's gotta stretched out to 1080p and fiixed at 40% speed. Reliable GH13 patches for 720p60 don't have low GOP.

    With photo quality high bitrate and low GOP-3, wouldn't GH23's 24H yield better slow mo with Twixtor than 720p60? I don't have Twixtor.
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  • No I dont think so, unless you have really steady motion in your videos. 24p is really not much info for movement.. your better off trying to get high bitrate 720p maybe low gop..
  • Oops, its early and I misunderstood your question. yeah, I agree with fatpig it won't be better. especially as its having to time stretch in real time.

    Edit : Unless you mean time stretching 24p footage looks better than time stretching 720p60. Both in post that is. Dunno, but as I time stretch in Nuke off of Tiff stills it'll be a weird test for me to try for you.
  • if you want 1080p, 80% variable mode would give you 30p which is much better than 24p for slowing down. Couple with super high shutter speeds and you should get decent results
  • Personally I think 720p @ 60 FPS is the best option for slow motion(atleast until the GH3 gets here with 1080p @ 60 FPS). There is plenty of resolvable resolution in the 720p files and high frame rate is essential for slow motion.

    All of the slow motion in the following videos was done with 720p video.

  • @mpgxsvcd thanks. cool stuffs. yes 720p60 for slow motion... for now.
  • On the subject of 720 60p, what is the most stable bitrate and gop setting for best quality images?
  • @veloci

    Define stable? If you just don't want card write errors then you can get extreme bit rates in access of 60 mb/sec. If you don't want the initial low bit rate for the first GOP then 32+ mb/sec is the max. I question whether anyone can really tell the difference between 32 mb/sec with b-frames and 42+ mb/sec with b frames though.

    I tested all of the bit rates up to 42 mb/sec in the exact same manner and honestly I couldn't tell the difference while playing the video.

    If someone else can tell the difference between 32 mb/sec and higher bit rates I would love to see an example of it. Same goes for the low GOP settings as well.
  • @mpgxsvcd

    I see a Hawks video.. You from ATL?

    I have still not been able to get reliable 720 with B frames. Even with doing a 24p file first, I still get occasional failures with 720/60/B even at stock bitrates.
  • @svart

    No we were down there for a climbing competition at Stone Summit and one of the other parents bought us play off tickets. It was a great time. I used to live in Alpharetta a long time ago. That was before before it was "little Atlanta" and back when 400 was used as a road instead of a parking lot.

    I would love to see 720 with b-frames work in all cases. I think that is much more important than getting extremely high 1080p bit rates.