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Live Concert Recording 2012
  • Just finished quite a few live concert recordings with 2 x GH2's, 1 x D600, Tascam DR100MKii. Mainly vocal and band with 2nd system audio from desk.

    Here are 2 examples with Libby O'Donovan & Australian Country & Western Singer Beccy Cole.

    Edit: FCPX; Settings: Cluster v7 'Apocalypse Now- DREWnet' 12-15 GOP Settings; Glass: Tokina 28-80mm 2.8; Tokina 80-200mm 2.8; Nikkor 50mm 1.8

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  • Cool, How'd you do the audio?

  • @kavadni, audio from mixing desk out of AUX output ports. Would have liked to record multitrack (and have in the past) but this bump in was very fast. When recording live concerts the sound engineer is the most important person in the mix. (pun intended). This gig was a hoot with a total pro on sound, (albeit the desk was a bit past its use-by date... )

    GH2's performed very well under constantly changing lighting (they used every sort of light you can imagine- hot-cold-etc).

    For these concerts the GH2's were set to 1000ISO and the aperture was adjusted depending on the brightness on stage (once again constantly changing). All lenses are aperture de-clicked, so nice and smooth. Once you get the hang of it you find a good compromise and only move for extreme cases.

    In FCPX everything synced without issue when selecting make multicam. No complaints. FCPX crashed once in a 20 hour editing spree... and only one project (clip) became corrupt (which was easily fixed by copying the contents of the project over to a new one). Should really update to 10.0.7!