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Amazing skating video - beautiful visuals and sound with "impossible" shots
  • Just found this on Vimeo - it's a wonderful example of what happens when you put a lot of skill and love together to create something breathtaking. As well as the extraordinary visuals, the sound is magnificent, enhancing the action beautifully. My favourite is the bird sound just after the character enters the church. Well worth watching this.

    For those on iPod/iPad who are seeing a blank space above, it's https://vimeo .com/55351695 but remove the gap in the URL.

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  • The making of... is well worth seeing too. I love the care that's gone into creating the rough, realistic textures:

    Again for iphone / ipad users who are seeing a white space above, remove the gap in the URL: https://vimeo .com/55352521

  • As for me, I really hate such videos. With all my heart.

  • Really? Why's that? I admire the skill, but just interested on what you don't like about it...

  • @Mark_the_Harp

    No content, Visuals just for visuals themselfs. Small DOF, slow motion, skater. All I hate in one package.

  • Vitaliy hate this and i understand, we are persons to love the cinematic, of course! but the team that produced this work is realy good but need something more to tell us the story. this comment was necessary

  • What I like about it is what it says about attention to detail - how everything is examined and created really carefully. I think it's a promo for people who do CGI etc. It's pure "craft" - not really a story as such. I think as a showcase of that, it's very good. For me that's the content (but not really a story, of course, just a technical showcase). But hey - if it had been lots of almost static shots with music slapped over it, that would have been all of my hates!

  • I don't agree at all, Vitaly. Perhaps this isn't the best example, although I enjoyed it, but filmmaking isn't all about getting a story through, it's about conveying feelings and sensations. This one, like a photograph or a painting, describes a moment. Description isn't narration, but it creates atmosphere and context, and many works of art in history have relied on such to move people. Visual and auditive storytelling have as much or more importance than dialogue sometimes, and it's not just being effectist, shoving visuals just for visuals themseves. It's not Transformers. That being said, they went overboard with the shallow DOF effect, but again perhaps that was to hide the trick.

  • That was art.

    Great work.

    Vitaliy is allowed to hate it, that's his freedom.

    I love it, I love skateboarding, and I love the artistry at work here.

    Thank goodness there is room for everyone to have an opinion. While I no longer skateboard, I spent many many hours from the age of 13-18 skateboarding, and I think it made me a more well rounded person, as personally I don't care for traditional sports, and between my interests in computers and technology and exercising by skateboarding I didn't turn into a huge fat piece of shit computer kid, or strictly an asshole skater kid. Instead I'm a more rounded POS. hahaha.