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Edelkrone Slider
  • A very interesting design:

    These guys are always coming up with neat stuff.

    The animation is great but I hope that they post a video of this thing in action. I'm curious to see how smooth it can actually be.

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  • It is complicated as hell. We'll see if it works good.

    Plus I see no point to have small slider if it is already same or smaller than tripod length.

  • I purchased their 'Pocket Rig' - which I've been happy with. Edelkrone's products are definitely slowly standing out from the rest - nice one you beautiful Turks!

  • I purchased their 'Pocket Rig'

    As far as I see, either factory is selling them or chinese guys made a copy, as they are available for cheaper on ebay and similar places.

    If this design will prove to be good performing they'll be introduced by other players in no time.

    It is also very important that such design effectively prevents normal balancing approach. Take Varavon balance tool, available on deals as cheap addon.

  • Btw, if you carefully check animation, you'll see bottom part of ribbon moving at different speed to the top one. That completely contradicts with construction shown.

  • Yep animation has a speed issue. Waiting for an un-virtual test. They're original but still too pricey (500$) for a tool that might be useful... sometimes... or never. Still, I want a slider!

  • @astraban

    It is not speed issue, it seems like construction issue. With animation made artifically.

  • The bottom part of the ribbon shouldn't be moving at all.

  • How can only one half of a connected belt move and the other not? Shouldn't they both appear still?

  • as much as i like the idea of fitting a slider in my backpack. i think im gonna wait for real user reviews for this one. you would think they would have a prototype to actually market with hey.

    having the bottom belt not move (becaue its a fixed position) and top moving does make sense. think of it like the tracks on a tank going forward and reversing back in one spot

  • I actually like the idea of it. My sense is that the guys at Edelkrone are very innovative and most of their product like is unique and has been from the start of the company. I like this idea and can't wait to see some videos shot using it.

    @Vitaliy_Kiselev, I do think a short slider like this makes a ton of sense for adding some small motion to talking head stuff which doesn't require long slider movements. That's how i would use it. i do a lot of local interview shows here in Georgia, USA and that kind of device would be nice to have as we do a lot of the shows on locations like local museums and civic centers where the less gear the better. Often we do shots of items or exhibits that look more interesting with a little movement.

  • Are there 2 different belts or just one?

  • @vicharris, looks like one belt that you can adjust tension on or have it controlled by a motor.

  • That's what I thought, one belt. If you have one belt how can one half move and the other not?

  • @vicharris because its fixed and the rails move across not the belt itself

  • Ahhhhh, I just tested the setup with a 70 inch belt for my slider motor. Got it now. Thought I was going crazy for a sec.

  • Again, it all looks cool initially.

    But balance issues can be bad, especially on small tripods (and why you need such thing on big video tripod?). As not only camera move, but also center of mass of slider inself moves in same direction.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev That's what I was thinking but I use a Bogen 316 head that can hold a friggin tank!

  • yeah the balance is my main concern too....especially use over time.

  • It seems like it could be a bit of a contradiction -- an ultra lightweight and compact slider that requires a beefy, heavyweight tripod to operate on. That would defeat the purpose. But it's too early to tell.

  • In the video it looks like they have it mounted to a 75mm half ball mount instead of the head. Interesting. So much for jib shots! :)

  • Great idea, compact and portable device, especially for one person productions. Footage appears to show that the unit functions smoothly for about 3/4 of the move for some shots. No review to take a closer look at the unit build or user feedback from actual use.

    Personally, I would prefer twice the movement range/length for the production value to be achieved, however, the balance issue is likely already pushing the limit at the end of the slide move. IMO, ideal would be more slide length and some clever counter weight balance system (camera weight/head) to move from the opposite end of the rig (balance) and pass the centre as the camera does, and end at the opposite end as the camera reaches completion of the move. Then you may also be able to extend the length of the slide rails. Engineering such a system to be compact and cost effective may be another thing.

  • I'm not sure if they over-complicate things and how their products work in real life, but I like how Edelkrone take concepts one step farther. Other companies just knock off each others products without bringing anything new to the party.

  • I have this slider. It is so different that it can't really be directly compared to a conventional slider. Although the function is the same, you do need to understand that the leverage imposed by how it works does limit tripod choices. You need a very stable tripod with wide stance to ensure it slides without vibration or tilting. I find that the downside is this exact are limited to how high you can raise the slider pending your tripod ability. That said, this slider is extremely smooth and solid once you adjust it.

    From the factory it's shipped with the slider bearing and rail contact areas quite loose for some reason. But after a few email exchanges to edelkrone, I was able to tighten everything down so it's as solid as can be while maintaining a very smooth slide. I'm able to balance a decent amount of load on it at the extremes, about 5 lbs, and there is no sign of stress, aside from the tripod which NEEDS to be secured to prevent tipping as mentioned. The resistance adjustment is limited, but effective. This too can be easily adjusted with a hex wrench. It's a solid piece of engineering, and as all edelkrone i have, the quality is superb.

    The compact size is what you are really paying for as this is quite expensive, but so convenient there is nothing close that matches it. I have the Konova K2 slider at 19" and it is nice for travel, but is more bulky, especially with the extra legs and motor attachment. The proposed motor for the SliderPlus is supposed to be quite small too, so that will be perfect for true travel purposes. One concern, vertical slides are interesting. It can be done manually, but I wonder how the motor can cope (if at all possible).

  • This guys made longer version - XL

    Problem is, it is still quote short, original had 260mm only travel on ground and 521mm on tripod.

    Now one makes it 395mm and 790mm correspondingly.