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SSD Workflow in Video Editing
  • First of all, apologize if this topic has been covered allready, the search function for the site does not work on my work computer for some reason.

    I am looking for some help as to whether or not my current approach is in fact counter-productive or not.

    For a while now since upgrading to a new work station, I have been using my SSD in the following way to edit:-

    • Windows 7 on SSD
    • Corel Videostudio X5 on SSD
    • Import Clips from SD card onto SSD ready for editing
    • Edit clips and render (export) to SSD
    • Once project is complete, move to 3 TB HDD for backup and storage

    I have been told a few times now that I should not be using the SSD for either the storage of raw video files or using for exporting to either.

    What are the reasons for this and could my workflow be improved?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Yea, you got it right. There would be little benefit because files are typically read at the speed of playback (HDD more than enough), or during render/export (much slower speed needed). SSD for OS drive, however, will make every little operation smooth and silky (granted cpu/gpu), because there are tons of tiny random reads/writes by both PPro and W7 to the same drive simultaneously.

  • SSD used to have slow write speed. Slower than HDD. The latest SSD models have improved write speed a lot but not a whole lot faster than HDD. As @Sage said, SSD for OS/apps for sure and HDDs for editing raw clips. Yes reading raw clips from HDD is a lot slower than SSD, but major bottleneck of editing is usually not the read speed.

  • Guys appreciate the help.

    Would there be any real benefit in editing clips from the SSD but exporting them to HDD, could this improve render/export speed?