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Lanparte Follow focus with hard stops
  • New Lanparte follow focus

    It is slick, very low backlash follow focus with hard stops.

    image image image

    Arm option:


    Just writing to say I bought the Lanparte FF02 through the deal offered here and it is great. Arrived in a week and everything was just as advertised. It took a bit of time to get things set up with my rails and some small Nikon primes, but it was easy to flip the gear around so that it fit with my setup. Focusing is smooth and there is very little give in the setup. I highly recommend this product and give thanks to Vitaliy for saving me a big bucks from the price in other places.

    Available at:

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  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev Received the Lanparte FF today. First impression is great! Well built and super smooth gearbox with basically no backlash. Thanks a lot for this great deal!

  • @CrazyPete I didn't own many FF's before but it feels so much better compared to my current Ikan FF. I will definitely do a review on the Lanparte FF at some point in the future when my custom wired focus grip is ready. Maybe I find some free time before that to post more impressions about this FF.

  • Just so those considering may know, I received Lanparte FF and Base. Great products. Shipping was faster than a drive through. I was amazed at how fast it shipped. Thanks for the deals!

  • I ordered a Lanparte FF-02 and the Base Plate. I received it in less than one week. And it feels very fine. Very good quality. The hard stops are cool, but the stoppers could move a little softer. So far my first impressions...

  • Just received my Lanparte follow focus, less than a week after ordering. I must say: very impressive! I appreciate the smoothness of the gearbox and the magnetic dial. Super easy to use, and makes focusing cine lenses more fun. Great quality and great price with the personal-view deal.

  • Update: unfortunately, this FF has already broken. The slider to adjust the horizontal plane of the FF has stuck.

  • The slider to adjust the horizontal plane of the FF has stuck.

    Show me video and explain how it happend. As I hear anything like this first time.

  • I was unclear and didn't use Lanparte's terminology. The "dovetails" that lock the unit to the rails in the quick release clamp no longer function. See here:

    password: VITALIY

  • Sent PM. For me it looks like just improperly tightened side screw (screw itself, not outer hand thing).

    And it is not FF, it is QR bracket, it's construction is such that it is really impossible that it will stuck is this state.

  • No.

    Like you, I originally thought that the screw could have been improperly tightened as well. I've updated the video--see above--you'll see that removing the screw entirely does not solve the problem; in fact, I have to use a lot of force to move the QR bracket even a little bit.

  • @hunter

    Ok, now remove this inside part (green). Most probably it is something that got inside. May be some from your bag.

  • I didn't see an easy way to do that--it looks to be encased in the black metal enclosure. I'll look again.

    It hasn't been put into a bag or used in the field yet, only my studio. I will be surprised to find anything inside of it. Perhaps a Lanparte beetle?

  • I was able to fix it, in case anyone else has trouble: I fully disassembled the QR--there are hex screws hidden under the LPT sticker--sanded the green slider and the metal base, and added some grease to the track. It works again.

  • Noticed today on set that something inside the FF is terribly wrong. Like a slipped gear inside or something.. as nothing, or very little happen when the wheel is turned. If anyone have experienced anything similar and know how to fix it; let me know!

    I´ll order a new rig soon; since somebody managed to loose the c-bracket and handles and a couple of rails.. However, it would be nice to get the LPT FF working again.