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If I Had A Kite.
  • This is a piece I recently finished using the Flowmotion v2.02 patch. Thank you Mr. Powell & everyone else here.


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  • Cool. Were those shots as dangerous/risky as they looked? If so, you've got some brave soldiers here. Thanks for posting.

  • This is fabulous.

  • Excellent eye for composition and beautiful grading.

  • Nice. I like the camera movement.

  • Really beautiful concept! The music is haunting. Thank you.

  • Bravo @workerb, did you shoot that in 24p AVCHD or in MJPEG?

  • Loved the soundtrack, and cinematography was really great. For such a saturated image, it still didn't feel like video. Great stuff! And good twist on the standard 'urban exploring' movies. Putting some people in the frame really lifts it up beyond a standard scenery-movie. And I love the way you let the characters dance around each other in a sort of surreal way, creates a nice tension and atmosphere.

  • Cheers @tetakpatak, shot in 25p AVCHD.