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Replacement LCD panel for GH1
  • hi everybody , i'm looking around the web to find a new lcd screen for my GH1 .. mine as broken .. but i couldn't find it even on ebay or other .. my search " GH1 lcd panel " am i right ? ( i'm french so .. lol )

    any help are welcome

    fred ++

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  • Do not search for LCD panel.

    Instead search for GH1 body and buy defective one that does not power up (but screen is not trashed).

  • thanks VK, by the way if anyboady here as a bricked GH1 or defective one => PM

  • I dropped my GH1 last night, it fell on the side of the lcd panel, checked to see if it turns on, im happy about that,, i, but i have a black lcd panel (with flickering light in the corner, it seems where it took the hit) the lcd covering from both sides look like all good, but the inner part is what has a crack (the actual display inside the covers) , i just looked at the part lists , and does anyone know if i need to change the whole lcd panel (listed at about $120) , or the LCD IF P.C.B. only $12 ,thanks

  • Ok, will post here. Got the gh1 which does not work properly, all details in video below. This problem starts after changing lens in wet weather, when camera was on and without lens, shooter button was accidentally pressed. Сamera was set on long exposure setting, so he was shooting for a few seconds. Result is pure white frame and this problems. What it could be?

  • Some guesses? Maybe sensor broke?

  • @sammy did you manage to fix the gh1?

  • No I sold it at that time as Is