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Camera bag for a relatively portable micro 4/3 setup?
  • I'm on the look out for a new camera bag to carry my GH2, lenses and accessories for a holiday next month.

    I'm currently using a smallish crumpler over the shoulder bag which is able to hold the GH2 with 14-140mm lens attached and another lens or two at a push in the compartment next to it. It's just stretched a little bit too far so i want something a little bigger. I realise i'll need an even bigger bag if ever i was going anywhere for a serious period of shooting - along with lots of extra bags and cases for tripods, follow focus etc. But for now i'm looking for more of a light weight travelling setup.

    I already have a lowepro slingshot 200AW for another camera set and think i may pick up a second one as it is that little bit bigger along with a compartment above that can fit a few extra non-camera items in if required.

    What's everyone else's favourites?

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  • if you go with a shoulder / sling bag go for the think tank retrospective. awesome for travel. fairly light, well constructed, inobtrusive, lots of pockets / chambers & possibility to customise interior. otherwise backpacks will be more comfortable... i'm not so clued in on that though so others will surely give better advice.
  • I have this Canon one ..wish it didn't say CANON on it but the bag is great and I got it Best Buy of all places for a mere 60 bucks. I can get to my gear easy when its still over my shoulder it wont tip or spill, plenty of space and sits flat.

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  • Thanks guys... i like shoulder bags but thats what i've sort of already got. Although i see some of those options get a fair bit bigger than my crumpler one. The one thing i worry about with the smaller profile kit we're talking about, deep shoulder bags are just going to lead to stacking or wasted space. I think i prefer a more open divider setup like you get in a backpack.

    The Slingshot is nice, I also have the lowepro flipside and really like that for security. It opens on the side that's against your back so once its on your back you can forget about worrying that someone will be able to open your bag and steal anything.

    Really can't decide yet...

    Oh and i'm in the UK so that may affect the brands that are available, and sadly it'll definitely affect the prices i'll have to pay :-/

  • slings are okay. I have a really nice lowepro, but its realistically not that great to sling it back and forth, as the length the strap must be at for comfortable wearing (tight and up higher . . . not on my butt) is very different from the length that is good for getting at the camera (very long . . . I have long arms). IF I keep it high, which I do for hiking, it slings around and rests almost above my belly button. I may as well take the camera out with my teeth, they have a better angle at it than my hands do. If I put it low, it bounces on my butt as I walk. I'm considering a "neckstrap" case (the ones made for just a camera body with a lens), and perhaps a belt for my lenses???
  • I love my lowepro slingshot
  • The best way is find a bricks and mortar camera store, bring you gear and physically test different bags. Hard to make good decision any other way.
  • I have some crumpler bags, I love them! It's so nice quality.
    They always seem to update there line with new colours and models, the "4 Million Dollar Home" is a nice small bag.
    They come with lifetime warranty, quote:
    Not just ‘a’ warranty, but the Legendary Crumpler ‘Til Death Do Us Part’ Warranty!
  • >The best way is find a bricks and mortar camera store, bring you gear and physically test different bags. Hard to make good decision any other way.

    Choose right bag after this go and order via internet :-)
  • coincidentally, bricks and mortar are great test replacements for camera gear when testing bags ;-)
  • I've ended up going for reusing my older LowePro Slingshot 200AW. I paid the local camera shop a visit and had a play with the available alternatives. This left me somewhat disappointed with the updated equivalent of the 200AW, the 202AW. Everything in it is fine, apart from the fact they decided to get rid of the 8 memory card slot wallet and replace it with a 2 card version. How is this at all good?!

    Still the original model works a charm and brings with it plenty of space for my full Voigtlander lens set, and extras.

    I've enhanced the padding with excessive quantities of bubble wrap and packaging large air bags, absolutely love "pimping" my bags with such things. Whether it offers any extra protection or not, it makes me feel better, plus it adds obviously zero weight :)

  • @jimtreats No one bag can satisfy all needs.

    For everyday mundane candid photo, a small compact camera bag. Just one lens either 20.7 or 14-45. Also CPL filter... a must item to get better m43 photo. I carry GH2 everyday.

    For special photo, 202AW. I like it. Great for hiking. A couple of extra lenses. A flash. A tripod. A filter bag.

    I definitely need a bigger bag for video gears... but my gear list is growing... I blame it on Vitaliy.
  • Definitely.

    I'm happy with the 200AW, and will try to keep it relatively light so i dont mind taking it out with me often.

    If you have the 202AW, how do you cope with the restrictive memory card storage options?

    I'm sure most of us around here are struggling under the burden of an ever growing collection of camera kit... :)

    I've often wondered what kind of bag i'd need for doing a proper pro shoot setup. At the moment i'm hopeful the 200AW would do with all the extras in their own cases or boxes.. will see.
  • I picked up a "Zeikos ZE-CA48B" off of Amazon a few months ago for less than $10, and at that price, it's been a real winner for me.

    It's fairly compact, so I wouldn't want to use it with a larger camera (such as an APS-C or full frame DSLR), but for the GH2, it works fairly well, depending on what lenses you want to put in it.

    I can fit my GH2 body, the 14-42mm kit, and my Nikon Nikkor 28mm and 50mm AIS lenses on end, along with my Fotodiox adapter. In fairness, while not exactly a pancake, they are on the more compact side, so your mileage may vary, especially with larger zooms.

    Admittedly, I'm already outgrowing it, but it'll still be handy to have when I want to bring a simple setup and not the kitchen sink.

    Just goes to say there are some options out there if you look hard enough and are willing to task a risk. (I was using the last of a gift card, so I didn't have much to lose.)
  • I got this one its looks great and doesnt cost that much

    funny thing is my kit is building up so its starting to get a bit fat.
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  • I tested many for by gh2's, I settle on the fastpack 250 by Lowell. I like it a lot.
  • @jimtreats Some people will hate me for saying this. m43 gears not for pro photo yet. There are better alternatives for such purpose. Most people buy m43 primarily for photo. Most of them are not a pro. Some pros use m43 gears as light travel photo camera for their personal work.

    202AW has only two slots for memory cards, but each slot can hold multiple cards. Once you get your foot in videography, you'd need a bigger bag. It's ok to have multiple bags. Bags are cheap.

    I suggest you... not buying a new bag. Just use whatever you have. See what gears you collect. Just a year ago I have never imagined I would have collected this many items... also a long list of things to sell. When you have a good set of m43 gears, buy a bag.
  • Thanks guys. Off on holiday tomorrow so hopefully the 200AW will serve me well.

    I totally know what you mean about drowning in gear, I seem to feed all my habits by a collectors philosophy. I have at least 6 camera bags at the moment all crammed with stuff, and more in drawers about the place. Everything from leica compatible rangefinders and my now unused Epson R-D1, through SLRs and dSLRs and now my GH2. All the way to a wooden 5x4" camera in a bag so large and heavy i've rarely gone that far with it, nor used it in years. I should really sell some redundant ones but there's only a handful i'd dare to part with. I fear with Nikon due to announce at the end of the month, if they do it right I could finally replace my D3 which is still my favourite (albiet heavy) camera for stills work.

    Anyways, hope the hacking goes well whilst i'm away. Enjoy!