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Director's Topic - How to use hardware features to turn script intention into motion mood/feeling
  • When I did the second video using the Apefoscope, some people said it was useless to perceive the image quality due to lots of post production. My intention was not hide any imperfection from the adapter itself, I was just trying to give some mood/feeling to the video. A way to improve the romantic and emotive mood using slow motion, film grain, increase contrast and saturation, also some kind of tri-x black & white look, some low saturation look, to combine with the lens flares, with the engaging couple and with the sad/romantic music to do more than a review, but some kind of pleasant warming sensation.

    So today when I saw a second video done in a similar way (slow/flares/night/sad,romantic music/color,bw), and some people also says it is not good to review a product, so I started to think we could open another kind of topic: "How to use a hardware" instead of "How good a hardware is"

    So feel free to post videos here, but just post them if you can do an analyses in how the director used the hardware to create a mood/feeling.

    The video I did and described above is this number on vimeo: 52730117

    And the second video I saw today with similar direction is this number on vimeo: 54266780

    Just created this group on vimeo: