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GoPro on Smoothee, GH1, GH2 mixed same project - Hong Kong
  • GoPro HD1, Gh1 LPowell 75Peak patch, 720p50 1/100 shutter, 14-140 kit, GH2 Flowmotion 2.02 HBR 1080p25 1/50, 14mm kit pancake, Sennheiser k6 direct into GH2 mic socket level 1setting ( little bit overdriven if mic placement is too close - watch out or this is you use a sensitive mic)

    Shot in Hong Hong in killer humidity two weeks ago, minimalistic, everything in a 10kg carry-on bag No tripod. ( I wore the same shorts and top for three days - how's that for commitment

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  • Grading includes diffusion, I find it helps disperse harshness but kills resolution somewhat and bumps hi light details.

  • well done as usual. How did you like the smoothie and did you try it with the gh2?

  • Smoothee will fly the Gh1 and Gh2 with added counter weight but more suitable for GF2 etc with 14mm pancake. See this topic