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GH2 42 Mbps 1250 iso test UNGRADED
  • Day 1 - bought GH2 to test, I didn't like it due to banding, artifacts and over no ability to lower contrast properly for later grading. Was going to return it.
    Day 2 - discovered the 5DtoRGB program to convert MTS files, the 1.8 gamma setting along with the feeble in camera controls produced a flat image. Installed the new hack set to 42 Mbps recommended settings. No other options.
    Day 3 - tested in an old factory during a shoot. very low light, 1250 iso needed.

    Banding and artifacts reduced a lot with hack, but still a few artifacts in shadows. I guess thats why Panasonic likes to crush the blacks. No 25p limits my use for audio, but I can now use it for B roll,

    Get out and test, post ungraded and donate.

    please keep video private, it is part of an unfinished still photo job. password is gh2

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  • @tak, thanks for sharing
    I think you'll be even happier with your GH2 if you try to use iso 160-400 and then 800,1600,3200. The consensus is that the in between ISOs like 640/1250 are the "bad" isos which are digitally amplified. just like the canon's "bad" isos were 800/1600 etc the opposite is true for the GH2. ISO 1600 on GH2 should actually be cleaner than 1250!

    hope this might help
  • @stefanos

    That in between ISO being "bad" rumor is false. It's a Canon thing not a Panasonic thing. I've done a few tests, as well as a lot of people to prove this.
  • @Brian202020
    I thought that threads confirmed that 1250,640 were not as clean as 800 or 1600, that's where I got this idea from:) but then I haven't been following it too passionately lately. But that's the feel I've gotten from my shooting too, but I can't be sure as I haven't done a controlled side by side. Brian202020, are you sure? Something that might be worth testing if there still isn't any concrete evidence out there already.
  • Just curious....But why is everyone* so concerned with these ludicrous ISO's? Unless you are shooting a dimly lit wedding reception or stuck shooting at night with no lights these are really high ISO numbers to work with. Traditionally video cameras back before we could mess with ISO have an ISO/ASA rating of 320. So shooting Higher than 800 ISO to me is just total absurdity in general. The top line ISO selections in the GH2- 160-320-640... "should" be the best ones for video as they are multiples of 160. And in my opinion anything over 800 "should" look like crap.

    *(I'm generalizing as I have seen allot of Vimeo clips at these settings)
  • there are too many reasons to list why people are concerned about high iso which come down to personal style/needs/grain taste and personal tolerance threshold. Ofcourse in a professional environment you should never need to go higher than 800 or even 400 for that matter as you say. The real question one should ask himself before using very high isos is : Am I really unable to use stronger lights or am I being just lazy or am I poor? If you're using iso 3200 cause you can't be bothered to carry a light, then depending on the significance of the material, it's probably absurd. If you're using it cause you really really have to or else you'll have no shot at all, or if you simply don't have and can't afford any form of light, then you've no option.
  • @ stefanos Yeah I agree, and I suppose it could be said that testing at the ridiculous ISO's means that at the normal ones everything will be smooth as gravy...So I suppose it makes sense.
  • @No_surrender
    lots of people shoot natural light for documentary work and such. Maybe because they have to (like being way out in the boonies) or maybe because they like working with natural light.
  • Yeah good point.
  • ISO 3200 with proper lighting looks great now. Grain is comparable or even smaller than S16 Vision 2 at 500T
  • plasmasmp@

    Yep, is really very nice.
  • I've been suspecting for a while that Panasonic ISO values are rated higher... I think ISO 1250 on the GH2 is more like 800 on a Canon or Nikon. All the ISO values on the GH2 are usable and look pretty good though, so it doesn't really matter... I just don't think that they directly comparable to other manufacturer's ratings.
  • I agree. I dont have any problem with the high iso's in low light. it looks better then low iso's in the direct sunlight on skin tones. I did a 160 iso test yesterday outside on a model. In the shade ok, direct sun was no good. if the light is controlled the camera is fine. I just think it is a bit clumpy in the shadows at any iso.
  • @tak This looks fantastic! Having just shot the Alexander McQueen exhibit in my previous test this is reminiscent of that gritty beauty. LOVE the look. This profile** resolves better than any flatness i have been able to get out of camera, i'm convinced on giving this "5DtoRGB " a shot now, Thank You.

    What was your in camera profile before the 5DtoRGB conversion?
  • @tak I really love this too. Looks fab!
  • contrast -2, sharpness -2 the others 0
    cinema setting, and sometimes smooth setting.
    smooth setting only when the light had more contras, I closed the lens 1/2 a stop compared to when I used the cinema setting.
  • looks a bit like a videogame, I don't know exactly why, maybe the ilumination... Great location ! What happened to me with the hack is that all ISOs look the same, or mostly. Everyone has grain, good looking grain. Of course gets worse with underexposure areas. So it's better to put 3200 but expose everything than ...
  • Interesting fashion shoot there. What's the location?
  • WOW, such a quality, very beautiful.
  • Tak (or anyone): What do you reccomend for smoke? I'm thinking about buying a cheap smoke machine from a toys shop ...
  • amazing: looks a little HDR (?!)
  • @EOSHD it was somewhere in Germany, near Leipzig, in the middle of nowhere, I was sleeping while we drove so hard to say.
    @arnarfjodur I would not get a cheep one. just rent when you need to, even the good ones are a pain in the ....