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Possible to correct the fisheye distortion in a video?
  • Its quite easy to correct the distortion on a photo in photoshop etc. But I couldn't find anything about correction in a video. In order to get an old school wideangle lens, I was wondering if the Minolta MD 16mm 2.8 was a good choice - having a lot of distortion.. anybody has experiences with this issue?

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  • After Effects has an Optics Compensation filter that can get rid of almost all of the GoPro 1 and 2's distortion, except in the far corners. I doubt the lens you're using has that level of distortion, so it shouldn't be too much of a problem to remove it (minus the additional rendering time). Note that you will need to cut off some of the extreme corners, so take that into consideration when framing.

  • thanks @BlueBomberTurbo, do you loose quality/sharpness with that filter?

  • You'll lose both with any type of distortion correction. The image is stretched as the distortion is fixed. The further away from the center, the more stretching that goes on. The center will be sharp, but the sides will be soft in comparison. The higher the resolution, the more obvious it will be.

  • There are geometry correction filters for Virtualdub which are fast and effective. I use them :)

  • Checkout the demos on this:

    I;ve not used them yet but I intend to, $49 is not much to have a puntage on.

  • I dont think it is posible correct distorion in a fisheye cause it is a special effect lens; you can do that in a ultra-angular lens: from 10mm almost of them, cause they has distortion just for fabric defects, that´s the point of distortion correct in plugins