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SEETEC 5.6" 1280x800 monitor
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    It has version with HDMI Inout, and version that also has HDMI output.


    1. Peaking for focus assist
    2. 5D II Camera Mode
    3. Earphone Eack and Built-in Speaker
    4. Image Flip(U/D,L/R)
    5. Brightness, Contrast Ratio, Tint, Saturation and Color Temperature
    6. Check Field Modes: Red, Green, Blue, Monochrome and Color
    7. Underscan/Overscan
    8. Center Marker, Screen Markers(80%,85%,90%,93%,96%)


    • Panel resolution - 1280*800
    • Brightness - 350cd/cm2
    • Contrast - 500:1
    • Input Voltage - DC 6~24V
    • Power Consumption - ≤7W
    • Size - 146mm100mm46mm
    • Weight - 260g or 340g with sun shade
    • Inputs - HDMI, Video Composite, Audio
    • Output - HDMI (with model with it!)

    Monitor is available on deals

    700 x 486 - 51K
    600 x 490 - 34K
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  • battery mount looks solid as does the sun shade - I'd love to see one with focus in red but maybe that's asking a bit much

  • Yep, it'll be cheapest 5.6" monitor in lineup :-)

  • wooa, hdmi in and out, its really nice. Do u know if it have 16:9 problem?

  • Do u know if it have 16:9 problem

    As far as I know it is ok in this regard.

  • Does this monitor have a 1:1 pixel zoom mode?

  • As far as I see, nope. EVF has it, but not 5.6".

  • Looking forward to a user review.

  • More info (Feelwold and SEETEC are same brand):







    665 x 370 - 60K
    800 x 381 - 47K
    800 x 642 - 118K
    755 x 498 - 72K
    800 x 491 - 51K
    800 x 526 - 64K
  • I don't have time to shoot a video review but here's a quick opinion - great little monitor, comes well packed and ready to go. battery connection is solid (you can't bump the batter and knock it out. I really like the shade, allthough it's plastic, it folds away and protects the screen and then pops out quickly when you need it.

    I had a problem with the HDMI connection but that turned out to be the camera. I used for some jib shots on the weekend and it did the job.

    the peaking helps with focus but of course it's not much good when it's on the other end of a jib, I'm looking forward to trying it out at a wedding on Friday - for the price it's a terrific monitor - it's not a marshall but it's great value and does the job I want it to.

  • Hey tired, how sharp is this monitor? I have a 5.6 Ruige that looks like the exact same build except the resolution is lower.

    I'm kinda stuck between this one and the metal 5.6 monitor.

  • @losad83

    It is sharp :-) Metal one has better hood and much sturdier.

  • @tired what was the problem with HDMI connection? Feelworld 7'' had some issues with pal camera output, does your work well in both mode PAL/NTSC?

  • whats about the colors accurancy?

  • You're not going to get absolute color accuracy for $200. Come on man! :)

  • @slacklaporte

    All of 1280x800 modern monitors have quite good lcd panels.
    They do not have absolute accuracy, yep.

  • @vicharris @Vitaliy_Kiselev Who talk about "absolute" color accuracy? Not me, i asked about color accuracy... so how are the colors on this monitor? Blacks shifted or no? are u able to get it near LCD of your camera?

  • how about how does it's color accuracy compare to the latest h056?

  • I agree with @vicharris. For the money, just the resolution & focus peaking on the H056 is worth it. People expecting something perfect for a low price are lucky they didn't experience the analog era (video or film). In the digital era things are better, but, far from perfect even at 100x the price. It's all about perspective...

  • @CFreak I'm in cinema, video and photo since 25 years. I did experience analog era. But anyway, i presume this topic is to judge a 200$ monitor, not poeple who asking infos about it. In any domains, there are ways to get the best from cheapest. I can get excellent results with color from LG tv at 450$ since the settings are there, idem for a 170$ Liliput. Each poeple know what they need and what is important for there work. Colors may be not important for some but for others it is. Not perfect colors, but at least adjustable to some kind of neutral grey. Please, could u answer us on this? Is this SEETEC monitor get blacks and grey shifted, yes or no? And like @imdjay asked: how about how does it's color accuracy compare to the latest h056? Thanks for info!

  • anyone own this yet? thoughts?

  • @imdjay

    Ask @tired. He has one (look at his post above).

  • just got mine yesterday, build quality is good, i put F602 battery witch are quite big, but for snowboard shooting, and cold place it's better ..

    just miss the zoom from the GH2 after plugging the monitor .... the color are good enough for me, resolution also, the grind is very helpfull, i've to learn to use the peaking filter .

    The seller is serious !

    thank's for the deal again ;)

  • I just came across this HDMI wireless transmitter

    I don't see any reason why I can't connect this to the monitor and have a wireless directors monitor, might be worth a try