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Imagine a wall of computer controlled lights with variable color temperature
  • I think this would be an interesting option for a wall or ceiling of a fixed photographic studio. You could set up a large matrix of these bulbs with controllers, and dial in the lighting mood that you want. Obviously it would be a soft light (maybe with a screen), but it does allow very quick changes in color temperature, and it's cloud based so you can control it from your iPhone or a tablet.

    I think even a few of these would be useful in an interview in a small room. Has anyone tried these? Only strange thing is that this is sold exclusively through Apple stores.

    This is a ZigBee Lightview mesh network, with support for up to 50 bulbs, so it might possibly work with other ZigBee compatible controllers. Apparently, there is a beta version of an Android app that should work with Hue, and Philips might be releasing an API to support third party developers who want to be creative.

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  • Interesting. Philips seems to be doing a lot with the colour-change idea. BTW there are some quite good apps for wireless light control - I don't know what they use in our band, but the lighting guy (still learning) is using an ipad and a router set up in the hall, feeding a control unit. The Ipad has scenes stored on it so you can just go to one particular setting (or fade between them) and you can also go for complete individual or group manual control. The benefit of this is that you can walk around the hall or be onstage or anywhere you want, and control any of the lighting intensity and colour. So something like a fixed wall / large source (good idea!) would be pretty easy with the choice of apps and wireless technology around.