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It's Always Sunny With.... Flowmotion Skatepark Edit
  • Hi,

    we had been been filming for 2 month in Vienna and this is what came out. I used Flowmotion 2.02 in HBR mode. So far I do not regret it, nevertheless 50p would have been better for slowmotion.

    Critical feedback will be much appreciated.

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  • I like it! Thanks for sharing... Al

  • Really good video. I loved the wide angle close up shots. What lens did you use for those? 7-14mm? What other lenses were used? Also what shutter speed and mode did you use? 1/60th and full manual? Have you ever tried shutter priority mode?

    The only suggestion I have is to use 720p @ 60 FPS instead. Your video is only playing in 720p on vimeo anyway. The 60 FPS will be much better for slow motion. Even if you only slow some of the clips down to 80% or 50% they will look better at 60p.

    Whoever, filmed while riding did a great job. That is not as easy as they made it look.

  • Looks good. Like the opening shot where camera is following the skater. Thanks for posting.

  • Thanks Guys :)

    @mpgxsvcd I used the 14-140mm kit lens and the walimex 7.5 mm fish eye lens, really good one. HBR manual movie mode and 1/50th shutter speed. Most of the time I went by manual focusing, I only used AF in the deep pool sequence. What do you mean by shutter priority exactly? I guess I have not

    I already did a video in 720@50 fps...and it is really good for slowmotion, I just wanted to test if it performs well in 1080p for a skatevideo. If I'm not going to purchase the GH3, I'm going back to 720p.

    Biggest issue of riding close to the skater is, that the skateboard can easily fuck your lens up if the skater bails.

  • Shutter priority mode is just the "S" mode in P.A.S.M. With it you control the shutter speed the camera controls everything else. Or at least it controls everything else if you are in Auto ISO mode.

  • @mpgxsvcd ok I assumed that, just wanted to make sure. I always try to do everything manually, even though I mess up some shots sometimes