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Film Festival Trailer shot on GH2
  • thats the trailer for the little film festival I'm currently planning the second time, shot on GH2, starring some friends and famous german actor Christian Tasche.

    Its currently being transferred to film and shown in the local movie theatre, where the film festival will take place.
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  • Interesting ... :-) You need to make a 35mm copies for local cinema? You don't have at least 1080p digital projectors there? You know.. here in Czech Republic almost every bigger cinema have 2K Barco projectors just next to 35mm ones..
  • Idea is not bad at all. Sound seems out of sync (recorded later?), and i can see 'waving' (you know, when using lights, refresh rate/shutter speed) on the face of the boy.

    Still, nice, very interested how the 35mm print will turn out.
  • @fatpig,
    was this hacked GH2 or ?
    what mode did you use ?
  • Hello, yes we only have 1 showroom with digital projection available, the other 5 require film prints :)
    yes sound is a little off, sadly, the original sound was unusable due to late arrival of my zoom H1 :-D
    I also was very confused about the flickering lights, we used two arri 1 kw lights, and i can not understand why they do that, shutter speed was about 1/50th to 1/150th most of the time i think..

    This was still unhacked- using own mode with all settings to minus 2
    thanks for your feedback! appreciate it :)
  • @fatpig
    was it cinema24p mode ?
    what lenses did you use ?
  • it was cinema 24p, sorry :-D lenses are stock 14-42mm, and for closer shots with noticeable bokeh- the very affordable and very nice rokkor 50mm. i can recommend this lens, paid next to nothing for it, and it rokks! ;)
  • @fatpig

    Thank you, great quality, great movie.
  • @fatpig

    I assume your Arri lights were HMIs. If so, were you using something like the Arri flicker-free ballast?
  • @soapey: could you clarify on that`? I'm still learning- the lamps at least had what looked like a filament, i thought all of them were flicker-free... -wrong me! :-D
    And no I did not use that, in fact im not sure what it is either... sorry :-D
  • @fatpig Later.. when you will have the 35mm copy, can you tell us how it looks like on screen? Also, it will be projected in large auditoriums?
  • it will be projected in our local cinema, which has like 500-600 seats per room in the largest. I will also try to do my very own camrip of it :-D so you could have a look
  • @fatpig Oh man! Thanks! I'd be very interested to see the 35mm print on screen:) thanks for the camrip! :D looking forward to it
  • Me too :-D I will keep a copy of it under my pillow after its done showing in the cinema :) I'll post it here when its ready
  • I just have lousy macbook, but can't see the face flickering. I watched it twice.
  • Doesn't really flicker, but you can see little 'waves' in brightness. We had that problem as well on a short film i worked on. Professional lights, still the problem.
  • @fatpig

    HMI lights can cause flickering in your picture if they are not operated correctly. Wikipedia has some information here:
  • @soapey:
    thanks, i did not know that. do you think that these lamps just flicker, because there are no options to use it in other ways.. just on/off switch...
  • Well, maybe they weren't HMIs. HMIs have a ballast that regulates the power. If your lights just plugged directly into the power socket, then they weren't HMIs. I thought that what was caused the flicker. Its been several years since I gaffed so I don't have experience lighting for cameras with rolling shutter. I'm very curious about what caused the flicker since I'm about to start shooting with a GH2 for the first time.
  • yea, im looking forward to your experiences- as i was really surprised about the flicker, hope you can avoid it! My cheap builder's lights at 500 watts dont flicker... :-D