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One area is darker on footage.
  • Hi! I have a European GH2 that I've applied the hack to (high bitrate AVCHD, GOP 3, 30 minute limit fix and NTSC/PAL switch). So far it's been working great, the little I've tried it.
    But a friend of mine borrowed it to shoot some stuff and said that he got this weird line over the right part of the frame. The footage he had didn't show it (but they had emptied the cards), but I shot some time-lapes today that showed the same line! The odd part was that I had one short clip that was overexposed, that didn't show this line, but all the other ones did. I did use an ND filter on these shots, but it is not on the filter itself (as some clips didn't show it). Does anybody know what could be causing this?
    Clip #4 - 2011-07-26 at 18_21_44.jpg
    1920 x 1080 - 89K
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  • So a week back I installed Swen24's stable settings. And guess what? For most of the footage it was fine, but it turned up again! What could be the cause of this? It is a serious issue, as I need this camera for work (these were stock shots I needed to sell) and cannot have this happen! Could it be the picture style I'm using (Smooth with basically everything dialed down)? Or something else? The rest has looked great, but it seems to turn up on these shots with a lot of grey.

    PS, sorry the first still here did not work.
    Clip #5 - 2011-07-28 at 11_28_38.jpg
    Clip #5 - 2011-07-28 at 11_28_38.jpg
    960 x 540 - 229K
  • It's due to light leaking through your lens adapter. It's the small catch release you press on the adapter when you unmount your lens from it.
    Either get a better adapter or just use a black tape and tape it around the 'catch release' on the outside of the adapter. No worries, nothing is wrong with your camera!
  • Ah, that would explain it! Yeah it was a cheap Nikon adapter, where the ring had come a bit loose and I lacked the tools to tighten it (will see if it works, but might just get a better one instead).