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Render unfocused pictures sharp again
  • When you have picures, that are out of vocus, also due to movewment, youcan render them int focus again - like in TV!

    Quite facinating

    Only for Windows.

    Vitaly, put it in the right category. I would not kn ow where to put it.

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  • I saw article about this on Russia resources :-)

    it is nothing very fancy, and it won't make unsharp photo sharp again.

  • I will try :-)

  • Is it right to assume that this is related to concept of circle of confusion? To say it simply, to correct focus blur it calculates small spots from big spots? And to correct motion blur, it tries to move blurred pixels back along their movement path?

  • The image restoration techniques based on the known point-spread-function is well-known in digital image processing:

  • Fascinating stuff, even if most of the math is beyond my immediate understanding :)

  • I think we will see similar methods be used in future consumer cameras to counter motion blur during longer exposures - acceleration sensors are cheap and work well so the camera can know precisely what motion was caused by a shaky hand during the exposure.

    But one thing I saw in a comment on the linked page is utter nonsense: This is by no means the "magic zoom" effect from "CSI", where a tiny image can be scaled up into a detail-rich large image. Blurring smears the information from a pixel partially over adjacent pixels - but most of the information is still there and can be recovered partially. But if there are no additional pixels, not even blurry ones, there is no additional information, and any attempt to recover information that isn't there is futile.

  • I tried the app on a few dozen out-of-focus photographs. I must say the results were less than stellar.

  • Same with me. I tried some and you can make numberplates readable again but otherwise not good enough to use the picture anywhere