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Video Info Software
  • Does anybody know a software which gives complete info about a video file?

    What I mean is like MediaInfo, but what I need is full information of GH1/2 video file: Shutter, WB, ISO, etc.

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  • Such information is not present in any of video files.

  • do a google research about "EXIF READER" there are freewares around there, so you can try and see what you get.

  • All they don't support video files.

    I don't know if I extract a picture from a GH1/1 video file and then to open the picture in such a viewer (reader), but I think as Vitaliy wrote that no video info stored.

    Does anyone know if such an info may be stored in the other folders created by the camera on the memory card?

  • As Vitaly stated those video files do not contain exif data. Exporting a single frame will not generate new data. It is simply not there, nothing you can do about it. Only possible solution i could think of is to shoot jpegs during recording in the future.

  • Video contains EXIF data if the camera writes it. You can read it with DVMP Pro. However, my hacked gh2 shows no data, all my other vid cameras do, and the data includes the F stop, shutter, gain and some other stuff. Maybe someone can try it on an unhacked cam.