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Syrian wedding with 6 GH2s
  • Catrin and David got married on 29th of september this year. We started out at Catrins parents place with the ceremonial greetings from Davids family and then took off for church (last minute change!) The party lasted until 5 o'clock in the morning :) This was my first Syrian wedding with 600 guests and my first gig for Carlsbeckers Studios. 40+ hours of raw footage with 6 GH2s. Edit in Premiere CS6.

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  • Syrian wedding are the best....I'm not just saying that because I'm syrian by the way. Lol..very nice work

  • I edited wediings for 3 years, and I learn't to hate it. That I enjoyed.

  • Excellent production, quite strange seeing this however as I assumed from news reports Syria was imploding with civil war. Obviously this group are the wealthy ones who are not affected by the uprising. I think all film makers started out doing weddings in the early days, luckily I only did 3 before I knew it was not my cup of tea, great training ground for pressure shoots at least it teaches you to have your shit together..

  • That was like from movie. Good job!

  • @sammy Thanks! I got the feeling from my employer (who's been doing weddings since the nineties) that the communal group feeling in Syrian wedding culture is more important than the two individuals getting married. Is this true? I guess I'll see what kind of reaction this will get. This is very different style compared to the previous productions by my employer.

  • @oscillian ,Syria is diverse,in religion, and customs .Geography plays a major part in the customs and traditions in Syria.For example, if you were born in the north and your Muslim, you influenced more by the Turkish culture. so it actually depends on who the wedding is for I feel . @ Subco , so your the expert on arrange marriages in the forum now?, good to know..You correct, David's hair made the video worth while ..

  • @subco Haha! Yes, his hair was amazingly slick!

  • @sammy I see the complexity of it. To make it even more complex: these are Christian "Suryoye" living in diaspora in Sweden, so I have to get more jobs like this to truly get all the nuances.

  • @oscillian , the Assyrians have unique customs and traditions.Even someone like me, an Orthodox Syrian Christian would feel out of place

  • @oscillian

    Hacked settings or panasonic v1.1 firmeware? M4/3 Af lesnes or MF lenses?

  • @oscillian, what percentage of those were tripod shots? I think I noticed some handheld shots that were really smooth. Were they on a rig or steadicam?

  • @kazuo 24H Stock bitrate with time limit removed. Lenses: SLRMagic 12 1.6, Voigtlander 25 0.95, 2x Canon FD 50 1.4, Canon FL 55 1.2, Panny 20 1.7. All manual focus.

    @Peter123456 We used tripods on all locked shots. I did most of the shots in movement with either a Manfrotto 561BHDV1 monopod or a modified Steadicam Smoothee.

  • @sammy And here in Sweden, there's is a shism between Assyrians and Syrians going on since the 60s. Both groups are Christian Orthodox, springing from a christian minority in the middle east. They apparently disagree on their heritage and live in separate groups even down to having separate churches, newspapers, flags and football teams. I think this was a gig for the Syrian group ("Suryoye"), but then again I could be mistaken :)

  • @oscillian ,yes your correct they were Assyrians,they are mostly from the north, near Turkish and Iraqi areas.. from what i know most of them know Arabic (the language in Syria) but they speak Aramaic,the language of Jesus. We Syrian orthodox Christian, speak Syriac, a dialect of Aramaic in church mass, but in daily life Arabic is used ...and in another news , here in the states, they are starting to speak English during

  • so you can say they are more tribal,they marry from own ,hardly go out outside ..thus keeping the features and genes, I can spot an Assyrian a mile away ...

  • 6 cameras & 40+ hours of footage? bit of an overkill don't ya think?

  • @GravitateMediaGroup Yep, I thought so too, but the client wanted max coverage. The long version of the film is 6 hours. Basically it's multicam in the church for 90 minutes and then multicam at the party for 8 hours of nonstop dancing. I'm trying to talk them into doing smaller setups.

  • I think it is good idea.

    Making multicam MKV or Blue-ray, and providing it to customer, so they could not only see your version, but choose any camera they want at any moment.

  • Great idea! That way I can focus on editing only the highlight video (the most fun, anyway) and leave the long, boring stuff to the client ;)

  • Looks great. The folks look happy wherever they are from, and that is what counts.

  • @svart Thanks! Wouldn't it be great to have smile detection in NLEs? ;)

  • Looks great as usual.

  • awesome as always! May I aks what settings / patch you used? Did you edit native mts in PP CS6?

  • @peaceonearth Thanks a bunch! This was actually stock 24H settings with only time limit removed and Smooth -2-2-2-2. Funny you should mention mts:s. I'm having major issues with NO mts sound in PP and had to cut the long version in Sony Vegas due to this. Besides this BIG problem I love the workflow in PP with really smooth Cuda playback and zero crashes (yet).