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Paintball anyone?
  • Hey guys, I've been reading on the forum for about a year and managed to equip myself since then. I'm part of a milsim paintball team (military simulation) and I'm also passionate about filming.

    I though it would be cool to show you what it looks like, since you made it possible with all the knowledge found here.

    Anyway, this is THE FIRST TIME that I ever shoot with it so I can see lot of improvements that need to be done.

    Used Flowmotion with nikkor 35mm f/2, all manual mode, very little grading and bit ruff edit since I shot and edit all of it in 1 and a half day.

    Difficulties with the audio, but this wont last ;)

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  • looks great brother. i paintball too and have shot something the other day. it wont look anything as good as your video. (we are new to filming)

    i hope to see more of this from you man, i liked your team on fb. you can like mine as well if you want

  • Thanks man! I took a look at your page and liked it. I'm waiting to see what you film :P

    I'll continue posting some of the stuff I do on the forum (it's not going to be all paintball related of course) and keep learning and getting better!

  • true true. i see your comments on our slapped together rig and the pic of me and the gh2. thanks for the support brother. and if you do any more, don't hesitate to post links on our page as we would be happy to watch them.