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Linda + Joacim: A wedding without guests
  • When Linda approached me with filming her wedding this autumn I was struck by the fact that there were to be no guests! They recently had gone through some difficult times and felt that a party was inappropriate. So instead of a church full of people there were only six of us: the couple, a priest, a girl by the piano, the photographer and me. Never the less I must say Linda was more than capable to fill that church with joy!

    Solo shooter: 2 GH2s with @Driftwood Cluster 6 Drewnet 25/50p, Mostly shot on SLRMagic 12mm and Voigtlander 25mm. Panny 20mm, Canon FD 35-105 and Sony RX100 for the ceremony. Benro AF2 sticks, Manfrotto 561BHDV-1 (best tool I ever got!) and a modified Steadicam Smoothee.

    Edit in Sony Vegas. CC with mostly curves and a little Magic Bullet Cosmo for a few close ups.

    Music courtesy of

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  • @oscillian great edit and camera movements. i thought that was more than one person shooting. that gives me some idea for my next wedding shooting coming up next week. thanks.

  • @subco Thanks! I hear you: most highlights are way too long for my taste :)

    I honestly don't know if money was an issue here. They had something dark in their past that lead to this type of marriage. I only met them for an hour at the hotel for prep and interviews so we didn't chitchat much :)

  • @Bangkng Thanks a bunch and good luck on your shoot!

  • I usually bash my head watching wedding reels but that was very well done. some fantastic shots. What kind of general questions do you usually ask during the personal interviews if you dont mind me asking? I usually shiver when asked to do weddings but intimate clips/ceremonies like these makes me reconsider.

  • @MRfanny Thanks for the support! I'm all for head banging if the music is okay, though :) I usually ask three questions (after some chitchat where I ask them to spell their name, tell me their favorite color and anstruct them to include the question in their answers) 1. How did you first meet (name)? 2. What are the best qualities of (name)? 3. And now for the most difficult question: What are going to do today? The last one always makes them crack up :)