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GH2 Flow Motion SH Hack Issue
  • Hey guys,

    I just recently bought a 64GB Sandisk Extreme Pro Card (With 95mb/s) and I applied the Flow Motion v2 hack and tried the Driftwood Apocalypse hack and 720p at 60fps doesn't work. It cancels the recording and says the write speed of my card isn't fast enough. I don't understand why it won't work. The card is the top SD card for the GH2.

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  • Where did you buy the card from?

  • Okay it should be genuine. I asked because there's supposed to be fake Sandisk Extreme Pro's circulating on eBay etc.

  • I have the same SD cards, also from B&H, and the same thing happens to me with Flowmotion v2 (not every time, but most) as it did with Quantum 9vB before it. I always figured that it had to do with bringing the shutter speed up to 1/120 for the 60fps shots. It seems like a lot to ask of the camera, especially with the hack.

  • I don't think the shutter speed would affect something like that, but regardless it won't work no matter what shutter speed I'm at.

  • Suggest you download the formatter from the SD Card Association. Format the card using a card reader and your computer then format it again in the camera. see if that cures the problem.

  • @tderuiter @QuickHitRecord @RockHunter @pundit @ I have no issues with flowmotion v2.2 I use Sandisk Extreme 45mbps runs flawlessly even 720p is so reliable my cards were from amazon dealer J&R. Here is a music video that I just shot with it.. Youtube really does a bad job compressing video's gonna load on vimeo as well later today..

  • @tderuiter @QuickHitRecord

    Flow Motion's 100Mbps 720p SH mode is optimized for use in manual exposure mode with manual focus lenses. If you use any of the following auto-exposure features, I recommend trying the 60Mbps 720p H mode:

    • P, A, or S exposure modes or when shooting in iA mode.
    • Auto-ISO mode.
    • iDynamic auto-contrast mode.
    • i.Resolution mode.
    • Motorized zoom lens operation.

    720p H mode works the same as SH mode, producing excellent image quality with a notch more compression:.

  • I did not have any probs in 720 Pal in SH auto mode with a olympus 14-150mm lens...
    Card used was a sandisk extreme videoHD 32gb 95mb/s

  • I read somewhere awhile ago on a Japanese site that the most recommended SD card for use with the hacked GH2 is the Sandisk Extreme with 45mbps (even more suited than the Extreme Pro with 95mbps rating)

  • @tderuiter... maybe try flomotion 2.02?

    another thought, try cluster DREWNet CLuster 12/15... both work 4 me, with ANY class 10 card? transcend included.. maybe its a bad card, try another one?

  • Thank you guys for the tips, but I was using it even with manual everything and it still failed.