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WTB Lumix ZS7/TZ10
  • Hello all I am an avid GH2 user and just love the camera and recently got the underwater dive housing for it but still awaitiong good weather for a real test :). I used to use the TZ7 in a housing and got some fantastic results but unfortunately it was flooded after some poor o ring care. I still have the housing but need a new camera so i can give it to my girlfriend to try out underwater. She is not ready for GH2 yet hahah very new but i know she will love a TZ7. Just thought with all the pany lovers on the site someone might have one lying around they are willing to sell. I am from Brisbane, Australia and will pay all shipping costs and any resonable price will be considered. might train her up and she can graduated on to my gh2 when i upgrade to the GH3 :)

    Thanks all