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WinRewrap - Batch ReWrap MTS to MP4/MOV .
  • Hello,

    I wrote a little Tool called WinRewrap. It will Batch Process MTS Files to MP4/MOV and adjust References to the MTS accordingly in your XML File. It uses ffmbc. ( ) I wrote it primarily for exchange between the new Sony Vegas Pro 12 and DaVinci Resolve. But it can be used for any Batch rewrapping task of MTS.

    Of course, this is a very early version, so please let me know any problems that may occur. Note: Audio was converted to AAC in v0.1. Later version keeps the audio stream.

    I hope you can use it as well as I can. Ideas, suggestions and Bug Reports, please post here.




    The Homepage is still in development. Anybody who would like to donate a small amount is appreciated :)

    WinRewrap v 0.4

    Changelog 0.4:

    • Added Cancel Option while ReWrapping
    • Added PCM and No Audio option

    Changelog 0.3:

    • Added Option to Convert Audio to AAC
    • Added Check for 0-byte Files (returns error now)



    • ffmbc.exe (Release was tested with version 0.7.1 rc7) put it in the same folder as the WinRewrap exe.

    • Windows 7 / Vista Users may experience errors related to writing permissions.

    Fix: Turn up your UAC to "always notify". if you turn it to not notifying, some applications are automatically denied access. like winrewrap.

    to fix those, copy WinRewrap and ffmbc.exe to your Project Folder. (Tip: WinRewrap starts with its containing Folder under the Browse Dialog, If its your project Folder you can just click OK.)



    support for rewrapping .MTS Files to .MP4 and .MOV using ffmbc.exe

    this is essentially a frontend for ffmbc, designed for batch processing project folders containing multiple MTS Files and optionally an XML.

    This enables project export from The New Sony Vegas Pro 12 to DaVinci Resolve, and can also be used for normal batch processing of entire Folders from GH2, etc.

    It will automatically replace the MTS extensions to your new Container inside the XML, so you can automatically use it with the rewrapped files.

    Known Issues:

    Big Endian PCM Audio is not supported in Stream Copy Mode as of Version 0.4 (AF100) WinRewrap can, however convert to little Endian PCM Audio.

    Bug reports please in the dedicated thread on



    159 x 159 - 26K
    381 x 409 - 37K
    381 x 409 - 37K
    381 x 409 - 39K
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  • Thanks for this handy tool. Is there any reason why the audio gets converted to aac? Can we have an option to keep the original audio format without conversion?

  • happy to help. :) I compiled another version for you, try it :)

  • Hi Fatpig

    This app can help me and my company a lot

    Were looking for developer that will compile us a AVCHD to MOV re-wrap tool that will work using Avid AMA.

    We are willing to pay for this.

    We need it to support:

    • ReWrap MTS and M2TS to MOV
    • Combine over 4GB files (spanned) into one long QT
    • support for 23.976,24,25,29.97,50,59.94 FPS

    Please contact me at dori at opus-tv dot co dot il



  • very handy. thanks for your efforts. looking for an mts workflow for virtualdub deshake. virtualdub doesnt open the rewrapped files unfortunately as I had hoped.

  • Are you sure that Virtualdub opens any H.264 files? I can recommend to you another tool I wrote, which uses avisynth via directshow to import any videofile into vdub, it is called vdrop and can be found here: I developed it for exactly this purpose (Deshaker).

    If any weird problems occur, try running as admin or placing it on desktop/ in folder program files

    You have to have AviSynth installed.

  • Sounds great for Vegas users. Will the process work for Premiere Pro output to xml also?

    For non-Vegas users, for similar functionality plus a variety of conversion codecs to choose from (as well as simple re-wrap to .mp4) check out DSLR Post Prep Utility for Windows at If you need timecode and reel name metadata try AWU or TCBurner. These tools do not modify xml files however. For Mac users check out the thread on MACWU @

    Hats off to @fatpig for adding another free tool to the shed for AVCHD users! It will be interesting to see in what direction Vegas users will drive further development!

  • @notrons: post prep tool looks like a nice tool :) thanks for pointing me to it. I think the XML standard is universal, it should be no problem.

    My Tool is strictly for rewrapping only, not converting :)

  • thanks, guys, I will include the link in the OP. My Bad. :)

  • BTW: avidemux 2.6 can not only re-multiplex MTS files into other video container formats (such as .mp4 or .mkv), it also allows cutting at I-frames without recompression or loss of quality. I've used it a lot for cutting GH2 recorded .MTS files quickly and coarsely before composing them much later in another application.

  • nice :) maybe good for later additions :)

  • vdrop worked like a treat =). Much appreciated!

  • happy to hear that :)

  • @MRfanny virtualdub can open MTS files with ffinputdriver plugin ( plugin and maybe even with the dshowinputdriver plugin (

    I used virtualdub with ffinputdriver to transcode avchd to canopus hqx in order to avoid the quicktime h264 decoder. to transcode to prores i used ffmbc with batch files.

    it's great that this initiative is made, now the benefits of ffmbc are available to a lot more people. congratulations @fatpig

  • thanks kankala, that worked a treat also (audio is out of sync though for some reason). another vdub beginner question. is there a way to batch process mts files for deshake? so far i have to do each clip manually.

  • @MRfanny There's a semi-batch method. You still have to do each clip individually to set it up first, but then it will process them all for you in a batch.

    • 1 Configure your setting the way you want all of them to be processed.
    • 2 Load your first video file.
    • 3 In Deshaker make sure that "Pass 1" is selected and in the left tab change "deshaker.log" to "the name of your filename.log", then click "OK".
    • 4 Click OK for the filters.
    • 5 Click File>"Queue Batch Operation" > "Run Video Analysis Pass"
    • 6 Click File>"Queue Batch Operation" > "Save as AVI" (or push Ctrl+Shift+F7)
    • 7 Repeat 2-6 for each additional video file.
    • 8 Click File>"Job Control" (or push F4)
    • 9 Click "Start"

    Note that you may want to close and re-open VirtualDub after step 7. This ensures that your list is saved, so that you can start again from step 8 if you encounter a crash.

  • @thepalalias brilliant. yep, as long as the processing part is batch automated im happy. thanks!

    btw, audio sync was an audio delay value error on my part. thanks again guys.

  • Hi fatpig, I think I must be missing something here because I can't get your rewrapper to work.

    I am adding both your gui and ffmbc to the folder that contains the mts files from my AF100, I click the browse button and then ok which gets the process started and Winrewrap goes through the batch process, each time listing successful for the mts files, however all I am left with is a bunch of mp4 files that are 0 bytes.

    Any ideas?

    I tried dslrpostprep, which successfully rewrapped my files to mp4, however it also converts the audio to aac, which sadly causes my Avid to have even more problems when I try to ingest the files :(

    I have also tried Avidemux, but that crashes everytime I select a file. On their website they say deselect opengl in the preferences to stop this, but I'm afraid this makes no difference :(

    If anyone knows of another rewrapper for windows that will successfully changes the container without changing the contents, I will be eternally grateful :)

    I'm starting to think I'm cursed!

  • Hey CraftyClown!

    Okay try to read what ffmbc.exe says. unhide the ffmbc window and try to make a screenshot before it disappears. send me a pm with the screenshot. :) I will look into the problem!

  • another vdub question. what codec's do you guys use to convert in vdub for deshake? I currently use gopro cineform codec, works fine with 720 but has liscence error when converting 1080p files.

    edit:it works if its uncompressed in pass 1 then switched to cineform on pass 2 save as avi. though would much prefer a more streamline approach


  • newest gopro cineform. I can use it no problem with 1080p.

    also available: canopus HQ codec, essentially the same.

  • thanks.

    still get license error using latest gopro cineform codec v.8.3.4 when running video analysis pass. It encodes 1080 fine durring pass two when saving avi as though.

    also get error-4 using matrox mpeg2 Iframe for video analysis pass with 1080 and 720 footage.

    Where do you guys think I am going wrong? codecs are selected from compression menu. running vdub 1.9.11 32bit on win 7 64bit.

  • sounds like a decoding error rather than an encoding error... - just run analysis before you set the output format to cineform. I assume you put in the avs file generated by vdrop?

  • Hi @fatpig,

    This is a nice tool you created. But there's one issue I noticed. Maybe it happens only to me... Every time I rewrap GH2's mts files to MOV or MP4 (using WinRewrap 0.2) my audio is still in AC3 codec (not aac!). I rewrap mts files directly (without XML). I need AAC very much because After Effects CS6 doesn't recognize AC3. Is there any way to make it convert audio to AAC?

    Thx in advance.