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GH2 screen shuts off?
  • I have been looking around on this site for a few months and Just purchased a GH2. I am learning how to use the camera and I noticed that when the lcd screen is flipped out, and my hand or something goes close to the back of the camera, it turns the screen off! it is so annoying! i think it is the sensor of the back of the camera thinking that the screen is closed. Is this a common issue? is there a setting in the menu to fix it?

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  • Yeah that is so irritating. I think it's because your hand is close to EVF, it thinks you are using it instead of LCD and closes the LCD.

  • rtfm! ;-)

    Menu-->Custom-->LVF/LCD Switch

    You can turn off the auto-switch like me, You're using only the EVF or only the LCD when it's open. Or you can keep it ON & settle down the sensitivity of the sensor at the right of the EVF...

  • Thank you!!!

  • Turn it off, even low sensitivity is too sensitive.

  • Here this one. I hacked my GH2 with the flow motion hack (Fantastic results) but guess what happened to my flip screen? When I reverse it to take selfies, the image is upside down but the main problem I have is when I reverse the flip screen for using My Zacuto Z3 Finder the flip screen goes black as I close it to the camera body with the display screen facing me. Has anyone had this problem? I have gone into the menu and cannot see any commands to activate it. Note! I always leave My screen sensor in the off position so when I move my eye towards the eve finder it does not shut of the flip screen display. I have just purchased a Zacuto Z finder but can't use it.

  • Contact between LCD and your camera body is most likely broken. Hacking the camera can't cause any hardware failure except overloads on some components but it causes camera to freeze or stop recording, nothing like your problem. So it must be too much selfies :)