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Ground Fixed Tripod
  • A tripod attached to a fixed infrastructure. Has anyone ever heard of such a thing? The idea is for someone who is non-technical to be able to attach a tripod to a fixed location in a studio and be able to get consistent framing with few (to zero) adjustment.

    edit: basically, something more permanent than three Xs marked in gaff tape haha.

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  • not exactly a tripod, but I've seen fixed telescope mounts - you could easily attach camera mount to the post.

  • @dumile

    After a few attempts at shooting horse races from a tower with limited space, I finally eliminated the problem of walking around the tripod legs by simply drilling a hole for the fluid head in the guard rail, attaching it with a bolt & wing-nut. Is this the sort of thing you mean?

  • Yes that sounds like it would provide the type of permanence I'm looking for. Unfortunately, there is no guard rail to speak of. My ideal solution would be to attach quick release tripod feet to the infrastructure of the room. Even with the support of the architects I don't think this would work as the room is going to be carpeted for audio reasons.

    I'm gunna check out the telescope mounts.

  • A local TV studio has two cameras mounted at the bottom of a poles from the ceiling.