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DaVinci Resolve Lite (available for download)
  • Resolve 8 is a top end color grading aplication, now that Apple Color will not be upgraded ( :-( ) Resolve is a good choice for a change.
    oh and the Lite version is Free

    Donwnload here:

    The problem is it doesn´t run on every mac and it´s design for big monitors however if you wish to install it on a 15" go to your terminal and write this:

    defaults write com.blackmagic-design.davinci.Resolve AppleDisplayScaleFactor 0.75

    that will launch the aplication 75% smaller, you can change the porcentage to whatever.

    to undo:

    defaults write com.blackmagic-design.davinci.Resolve AppleDisplayScaleFactor 1

    ps. on my new MBP 13" it crashes for not having a propper grafic card. Those apple guy are to blame.
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  • I would vote for Color Finesse 3. It is the most incredible color correction software I have used(out of many)
    It puts Colorista II , all redgiant sowtare MB etc, apple color, davinci resolve lite etc into shame. Only high end davinci stuff that is hardware based is better, but one is totally free and the other is thousands and thousands:)
    P.S I have no connection with Synthetic aperture whatsoever, I have just found that for professional work, it is the most accurate, non-destructive, intuitive software with the sickest amount of control, which quite inexplicably, is free.
  • Resolve looked (and looks) like the best new alternative to Color for me. Too bad it has such specific needed specs. Wondering how long Color still will work and be supported, really lovelove it.

    But yes, the 'free' version now is incredible, that's some serious cc power for $0.
  • umm . . . CF3 is most certainly not free. At all. Trial version, sure, but that puts red bars across exported footage unless I read wrong.

    @andres I'm on a 15"MBP and I can't get your Terminal command to work. Double check it? Thanks.
  • I'm on SLeopard, btw.
  • @B3Guy
    oops, sorry about that I forgot to mention it's free with After Effects, not it's own! So if you have or are going to get after effects, CF3 comes with it. Silly me, I sometimes assume certain software are standard.
    But anyway, sorry I kind of hijacked the thread, as the title is about Davinci and not generally on CC software, so I will refrain from posting too much CF3 related stuff here.
  • that's fine. Yes, I am heavily considering Adobe now that Apple has thoroughly pissed me off on several separate fronts. (FCPX and Leopard->Lion impossibility to name a few.)
  • I hope after the Apple fcpx ... debacle. That blackmagic release a windows version. That is the only reason I will not be able to use it. Since they have bought Davinci and decided to take it out of the super high-end to the $ 1000 Mac version and now even limited free version for it to become the mainstream grading software ala photoshop they should clearly look at the pc market, more so that the highest performing system (bar linux) is the hackintosh because Apple has not deemed to update its MAC pro line for years.