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Sony Vegas Pro 11 topic
  • i wanted to see if anybody else has gotten this when trying to render a project. last night i finish up a rough edit of a 10 minute short, just touching up sound and adding some amibent music. wanted to get the ok before grading. i select render in 1080p mp4 so i could load it to youtube for easy viewing for the director and when i clicked start a message comes up saying an error occurred while creating the media file. the reason for the error could not be determine. anybody ever get this? is the footage lost thanks seth

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  • Here is the message in Vegas

  • Make images resolution smaller and do not use many dots in the name.

  • Let me try to upload it again its just a phone pic

  • Heres the message

    2012-09-13 22.14.17.jpg
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  • @sethdp Magnify your timeline and make sure there are no tiny gaps, sometimes that'll mess with a NLE's rendering ability. Try rendering a part of the video. If it works, I'm pretty sure you can salvage the rest somehow. Also, if you haven't rebooted in a while since editing, do so to clear up any memory issues.

  • What htinla said. Render sections of the timeline and stitch together. Also try rendering to different formats. Download Cineform, GoPro was offering it free for a while.

  • just render to a other format.
    and check your template, there will be a setting wrong, most off the time its the frame rate.

  • MainConcept MP4 gave me similar error, but Sony MP4 is working just fine.

  • Thanks for all the replies Im going to check my settings. If it comes down to it Im going to uninstall Vegas and put it back on the computer, i think when i downloaded a trial of newblue color corrector is when i started to get the error messages. If all my Vegas files are on a extrnal drive i should be able to still load those after the reinstall right? Thanks

  • If you use a newblue or any other plugin,
    make sure you have your clip before you ad a plugin, set to smart resample = NO!!!!
    otherwise there is a change that the framerate is not accurate any more, its looks if it just jump some frames ahead??!! and vegas will make in between frames, and strange things start to happen.

  • You did not specify this in the original post, but you are probably using the motherboard's internal GPU. Or you are using an older video card. This is how I fixed that problem. When you are about to render and the render menu comes up, on the lower left of the render screen click on "Customize Template". When the "Custom Setting" screen shows up, look at the bottom of the menu for "Encode Mode" and make sure "Render using CPU Only" setting is selected click OK and then render. The file should render without any error.

  • Just got in. Thanks for the replies Im fixing to check all my settings to make sure i didn't miss something. And try to.see if it renders before i uninstall and reinstall everything. Yes Im using the cpu to render right now the computer has a radeon 6750 and if rendering canon footage its renders almost in real time but with gh2 footage with the sedna aq1 its a few more minutes passed what the footage is. Im waiting on evga to send back a bad gtx 670 card :)

  • @darklight @mozes you guys rock i checked everything both of you mentioned and somehow the render framerate was set at 29fps changed it back and it rendered :) thanks again seth

  • @sethdp If you get that error again, know that the most common causes I have had either frame rate or resolution settings in the template.

    Happens often if I set resolution as "project settings" in the encoder.

  • vegas 12 pro arrives next week enjoy !!!

  • New update for vegas pro 11 available.

    Think this will be the last one before release of v12.

  • @sethdp wrote:

    im done with grading and going to send off the edit for scoring. the company doing the scoring asked if i could add a time code. ive never added a time code before. can anyone using vegas help with how to get the time code in a mov file? thanks seth

    @sethdp you was looking for a method to add a timecode. Read following article where it is described.

    In general I find following page very helpful to learn more about vegas:

  • @tida thanks for giving me the link :)