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Playback issues with Premiere exported footage
  • Hi guys. I installed 3.61D "42mbps" patch( High 42/ low 35) Same as EOSHD. Everything was working fine. There is the shity frames at the start of each clip, the image (.MTS files) looks great on my windows 7 PC and in Pr CS5 (haven't tried VLC) but on my PS3 ( which handles AVCHD files straight of the SD card) nothing happens, black screen. This has never hasn't happen before. GH1,13 and 2. AVCHD files from the SD card have always worked on the PS3. But like i said earlier, on my PC, everthing is fine. Now, when i finished editing the clips i shot today in Pr CS5. I used my usual export seetings
    Preset: H.264 HDTV 24p
    1920x 1080p
    Fps: 23.976
    VBR: 2 pass
    Target bit rate: 32
    Max: 40
    I've used this settings with the GH2 for six months, never had any issues. Now, when Pr finishs exporting i can play the H.264 file back in window 7 media palyer, no issues. But when i play it on both of my WD media players via my USB key, on one WD palyer its doesn't work at all and on the other is freezes on heavy pans of trees and the footage is just overall jerky (all of the footage was shot handheld, 24h. but on the PC it's fine)
    Is it my export setting or hardware? ( hardware being the PS3 and WD players, which i'm worried about cos i can't use that hack on pro jobs fearful that the client doesn't have to correct/latest gear to watch the footage on. I give some of my clients H.264 files so they can watch on there TVs, computers and media players)

    Any thoughts?


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  • I changed topic title to more appropriate.
    I don't know how exported footage playback can be related to GH2.
    As for GH2 original files - it is ok to have problems with such bitrate on various playback devices.
  • Cheers, thanks for that. Strange why the footage from the hacked GH2 does't work anymore in the WD player... It's worked for the last six months.
  • H50/L32 playback on PS3 doesn;t work for me either. Playback on VLC does not look good, all blocky.
    Adobe Video Player plays back OK. FCP X transcode OK.

    H32 plays back on PS3 ok.
  • I also have hw WD media player its glitchy as fuck when using higher bitrates...or when the external HD needs defragging...or if the usb card reader dongle cant read fast enough.
    WD works best with external HD with its own power supply