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3rd of May that looks like 1st of April
  • "We killed Osama Bin Laden. With his wife and few other people who was not very lucky.
    Yes, we tried to capture him using few shots in the head. Unfortunately he didn't survive.
    You ask about video? Sorry, all SD cards failed.
    Anyone who saw this actually? We don't know such men except president, his wife, doughters and pets.
    Even they saw this only online and quality was terrible.
    May be we could look at the body? No we thrown it into the ocean, it happened to be in the near 1500km. Accidently."

    It seems like we are going in the right direction.
    Amount of agitation and disinformation in main TV broadcast corporations is close to 100%

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  • LOL, it's real funny, right when I looked at this post the radio was on about it, and they were debating whether it is in the best interest of the US to show the "video" and that that depends on whether it was self defense or cold blood murder:)
  • Americans have killed her own child.No one would have heard of him if not for U.S. imperial policy during the Cold War with the USSR. "немного страшно, немного смешно" ( Vitaliy, GOODEMPIRE,please correct me if I'm wrong).
  • Yeah, and now we're getting very high level ISI/CIA/NSA type people coming forward and saying that Osama was killed 9 years ago and his body has been in storage for exactly this kind of event (Presidential election or etc.).

    I thought he was killed 9 years ago too. And I laughed the next 8 (actually 8!) times they said they had or may have killed him again! He died of a kidney disease - we had nothing to do with it. LOL

    And Yes, Osama was a USA creation - every step of the way! For the past 9 years he's been a fairytale character in the book of dreams, war propaganda, geopolitical domination, and globalism. Oh wait, and the latest one: 1 year ago the dead Osama was digitally resurrected to tell us how the USA is at fault for Global Warming too. LOL So a fairytale dream preaching to fools about a fairytale. It can't get any SPOOKyer than that!

    BTW, VK, The president et'all didn't actually get to watch it on video or on-line. The cameras were turned off during the maneuvers according to the campaign's coordinator. LOL