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Anamorphic Footage - Kowa PL Primes, Sedna, Etc
  • (not a typo)

    3.55/Non tweaked version

    From the vimeo description: > WARNING: CAMERA SHAKE

    I had to hold up NDs while trying to handheld and focus at the same time. You have been warned.

    Music: Anma Mama - Eureka 7: Astral Ocean


    Hot Rod Cameras PL mount Kowa Anamorphics (40, 50, 75, 100) from Blacklist Productions GH2 w/Sedna Q20 Hack @ 1080/24 and 720/60 Smooth

    Composed with TVLogic 5.6" w/2.40 stretch (close enough)

    Just grabbed some whatever-kinda-footage to test out the new old set of Kowas. Really like them, much better than the set of Lomo squarefronts that I've used. Not Hawks or Panavisions but I'm considering shooting my next few projects (feature film included) on this set.

    Stuff was lightly tweaked in final cut, just a straight log and transfer no 5DtoRGB this go 'round.

    Interestingly enough I found a really cool way to rig up the Hot Rod PL mount, a Noga Arm, and a 5.6" that helps me hold it all a bit steadier...

    UNFORTUNATELY... I had to hold up NDs while trying to handheld and focus at the same time as you were warned up front.

    Will have to work that situation out, but it was still fun.

    Desqueeze Process:

    1. Convert from AVCHD to ProRes (was probably LT honestly) in Log and Transfer
    2. Change Aspect Ratio in FCP on All Clips (drag one to the timeline, get the aspect ratio down, copy, drag all of your clips to the timeline, select them all, click paste attributes, select basic motion and distortion, click apply, drag all clips on the timeline to a new bin at once)
    3. Adjusted the image as I saw fit as far as center

    The reason I did this? Didn't see any worthwhile difference or benefit to doing another file conversion just to get the aspect right, nor did I think the time spent was worth losing the ability to reframe even if it was left to right.

    Others mileage may vary.

    If you're interested in pictures of the rig you can ask me.

    Will put some pictures up of the rig here, forgot them on the work tower.

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  • I also don't know how to embed the vimeo video on this site, let me know how and I will. Sorry.

  • Thanks for doing this test. I've never seen Kowa anamorphic footage on the GH2. Instantly looks sharper than the squarefronts, but not as sharp as a isco or bolex moller. The benefit of being real, focusable cine lenses make them easily look worth the $4000 value per lens.

  • I didn't realize people were using anamorphics that couldn't focus. The Squarefronts could, I shot a western short film with them on MX, they were hard to focus but definitely could:

    - Western Short with Lomo Squarefronts.

    As far as sharpness goes I'm fairly sure they're sharper than both of those.

    I should've mentioned that most of the time I was shooting wide open... at T2.3~2.8, and some of those shots have a 30.00 fader over them. Not to mention, as well, that I've punched in on them.

    On Epic they're close to Clairmont's, and Clairmont's are definitely much mcuh sharper than an Isco by miles.

    Check out the non cropped etc version, that stuff's pretty damned "sharp" and again, it's all wide open and some of it's through a cheap fader.

  • Looks great Kholi, wish I didn't have to leave for a shoot in two minutes. Will certainly watch this tonite. Squarefronts all the way...wish I would be able to get mine on the BMC.

  • looks very good, wish my isco36 can focus like that.

  • @robmneilson

    Magic Cam's starting to piss me off. Between lack of communication, miscommunicating delays, and now that I really want anamorphics on it... rrrr


    Man it must be rough without the ability to focus! Can they just not focus at all or no racks?

  • @kholi they can focus. But the closest is 6ft .to get closer you need to involve close up filters. I love the look. Very sharp. Great flares.but I'm finding my self picking and choosing the projects I'm using it n because of the rack focus issues to be able to go from 1ft to 10 ft on it .I can only dream

  • @sammy

    Also must be tough just having one focal length. =T I couldn't imagine trying to shoot out an anamorphic project with just one, but it's probably fine.

  • On the gh1/2 I can use it with a 28mm .the 28mm becomes close to 19mm ..that's the widest I can go with out vignetting ..I also used zooms with great results ..the results are great. But it makes you work harder and plan things ahead much more because. Of the lack of wide range and lack of rack focus

  • @kholi

    Looks fantastic. What did you do to rig the fader in front of your Lomo squarefronts? I have been looking for a solution for both the 35 and 50/75 (OCT18) that I have that does not involve a mattebox. I'd really appreciate any guidance.

  • If you have 4x4 filters in the past I just put them in the mattebox trays and taped them to the front of the squarefront with a bit of gaff. Doesn't look too nice, but it does the job for sure.

  • As far as the Kowa set, they're round front.

    I had to sort of shove a filter around the front that just barely fit, then used that. I don't like faders, though, they're gross to me. When these get converted to the right size I'm gonna stick with Tiffen White Waters.

    650 x 475 - 83K
    650 x 434 - 94K
  • @kholi, do you own these primes or did you rent them?

  • @HillTop1

    Hell no I don't own those. LoL. That's a twenty-thousand dollar set of primes!

    I just have very supportive friends that one day I will repay the generosity to, if that makes sense.

    I wish my next feature really called for the look, but I think I'm going to shoot an off-the-cuff feature with these and a GH2/3 in the next few months. Just love the look so much.

  • Damn, lucky you. Yah, I will do the same if I were you.

  • Beautiful footage. Those Kowas look fantastic. They must be really rare too. In the past six months that I have been looking at anamorphic lenses on eBay, I have never seen one come up.

  • @HillTop1

    I try to make sure I show my appreciation when I can, as this could end at any moment. Now to just stop getting distracted by GH3 and Magic Cam and finish writing... errr


    Thanks much

    I think it's rare to find just one of each, but not as rare to find full sets. Problem is, how many people have fifteen to twenty thousand to pick up a set of PL anamorphics? xD

    They're a great rental item, though.