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The Most Expensive Keywords in Google AdWords
  • On the heels of Google’s blow-out Q2 2011 earnings announcement last week, we wanted to find out what keywords demand the highest costs per click and are most competitive in terms of high search volume. Since the vast majority of Google's profits come from AdWords advertising, these high CPC keyword categories are responsible for a large part of Google's profits. The results of our research are illustrated in an infographic of the most expensive keywords.



    In spite of this Google profits no longer feel so fundamental and unshaky.
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  • That's too funny! It would make a great series of themes for a story about a character, starting at #1 - all finance stuff...and then it gradually goes wrong ending in Rehab and Treatment. But what the hell is "Cord Blood" (#20)?
  • Google it :)
  • @stonebat Of course :-) Although wish I hadn't...ewww! Is there really that big a demand for this stuff? Or in terms of my storyline suggestion, perhaps it should start with that and end up with Insurance.

    EDIT: Just looked some more. It seems it's kept for possible use as stem cells. So after all, another form of insurance.

    I'm surprised not to see "GH2" among that top 20!
  • I enjoy my monthly check from google, I just wish the ads were more tasteful.