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DIY Shotgun Microphone (with in-built shock mount)
  • Hi everyone! :) A while ago I made my own shotgun microphone for my camcorder. It's VERY cheap to build (mine cost £12), and sounds way better than you'd think for the price.

    Several people have asked me to make a video of how it was done, so I've finally got around to making it. I thought I'd post it here because some of you might find it interesting. Anyway, I'd like to know what you think.

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  • Thanks for posting.

    Issue is that it is not shotgun microphone.

  • @Matt did you used a basic electret condanser capsule this test architecture ?

  • Good initiative!

  • Thank you. :)

    @simurg Yes, I used a standard electret condenser capsule. It was, however, a cardioid type, which give it good directionality.