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Rendering settings
  • Hi all,

    Can you tell me your sony vegas rendering settings for vimeo I don't get to get my footage come out nice. It drives me crazy!

    This is what I do: sony vegas pro 10 and render as sony AVC picture Video format: AVC profile: high 1920x1080 Entropy coding: CABAC Framerate: 23,976 Field order: None (Progressive) Pixel aspect ratio: 1.000 Bit rate(bsp) 20.000.000

    Hope you can help me out!

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  • I too wonder about the settings for Vimeo to get the best final result on Vimeo. No matter what I upload, Vimeo converts it to 1280 x 720. Later, I can go into the settings and tell Vimeo to convert my video to 1080. So I wonder if it makes any sense to upload 1920 x 1080. Wouldn't it be better to record 720, render 720 and to upload 1280 x 720?

  • ok I just tackled this issue today. At first I thought Sony AVC was the best option until I tested it again against MainConsept AVC/AAC. It seems my renders came out better with MainConept,but I could have swore that I had better results with Sony AVC previously.When in doubt I go between the two settings.

    Here are screen grabs of both my settings.

    MainConsept AVC-AAC.JPG
    423 x 679 - 68K
    418 x 594 - 57K
  • On the MainConsept grab where it says maximum (bps) & average (bps) you will notice it's 24,000,000 maximum & 16,000,000 average,this is for my 1080p renders..For my 720p renders I usually go 16,000,000 max & 8,000,000 average.everything else remains the same.

  • @rockhunter it's best to just render out as 720p & upload as 720p for vimeo.

  • Thank you eyesoul! that was very helpfull! Everybody agreed with these settings?

  • And what's about the target bitrate? Vimeo states 5M for 720p and 10M for 1080p

    Do you use these settings or you use a higher bitrate?