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ServoCity MPT1100-SS opinions or reviews?
    I'm looking for a smooth motorized pan tilt head for my jib (with gh2 setup), ran by this anyone know if its any good ? thanks they also have a cheaper one

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  • Are you clear on the difference between open loop and closed. The two systems work quite differently. The closed loop uses servos whereas their open loop systems use stepper motors .. Very different action on the joysticks. IMHO open loop is the way to go

  • thanks for the info

  • Old thread...

    I was looking for an open loop solution, so I picked up an MPT1100-SS the other day. I actually ordered it barebones (no controller, power supply, etc..), just the pan/tilt mount with motors. I like to fiddle with electronics so I'm rolling my own motor controller and logic.

    I had a their Direct Drive Gearmotor 4” Cradle Tilt, which was super cheap ($150 for the kit, plus 2 motors and the worm drive pan kit). I was extremely disappointed. The frame is made of APS plastic which doesn't inspire much confidence. It's also unassembled, so you have to do it on your own, and it just doesn't come together super well. I guess it would do for very light cameras, like a gopro. The worm drive was ok. The biggest annoyance I'd say was cable management. But I was also annoyed with the general build and quality of this super low end kit.

    Hence my move to the MPT1100, which has routing channels through the chassis, which is great, and is all metal construction. So far so good.

    But I thought I'd mention that you can get it barebones and save a couple hundred bucks if you're handy, or want to roll your own controller for automation or other setup.