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Camera Pi - DSLR with Embedded computer
  • firstly I had trouble figuring the category for this. If there is a better one let me know.

    This guy took the popular Raspberry Pi (tiny computer), and put it inside a battery grip, connecting it to his DSLR. Because it's a computer and connected via usb, he gets access to the memory storage and if the camera has it then also the shutter and control/interval shots.

    He is doing it with a Canon 5D Mark II.... but if it's possible, I'd love to develop something similar for The GH2 I have... Wireless tethering being my interest.

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  • It is interesting, but it is no way an easy project.

  • Agreed it is difficult, however depending on money, you could solve it much easier. For example, he has it mounted in a battery grip. You could also buy a battery to power it properly (you can possibly also use a an actual phone charger, look for ones built to help charge an iPad).

    If the Pi itself had internet access (via your phone or the event), it could be uploading to a lan server or the internet as well... but that stuff should be obvious.