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Church - GH2, slider
  • GH2 using cake hack + 7-14mm and 20mm lens from Panasonic. Slider shots.

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  • Nice, the more I see from the different hacks of the GH2 the more I am persuaded to buy one asap.

    I was considering a few other cameras, but the quality of this piece and others I've seen show that this is the best camera for the least money relatively speaking... I am looking forward to learning the art/craft/skills/science of basic to advanced cinematography and hope to get myself a GH2 soon :)

    Thanks for sharing this.

  • Great job on this! If it was done by hand -- then it looked as good as the motorized slider I use.

  • It was done with a motorized slider (notice the slight timelapse effect on the last shot). It would take a really good slider or the hand of a cyborg to get this kind of movement :P

  • damn that last shot was really cool.

  • What length slider did you use. I'm guessing 4 foot?

  • @dancerchris 1.8m which is bit under 6 feet