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Driftwood vs Flowmotion v2
  • Hi all can some explain the main differance between these to hack patches? Which one you like and why?

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  • @johnnygh2 You're opening a can of worms.

    Driftwood has a lot of settings for a lot of purposes as well as general use settings. All, very good.

    Flow Motion is a very good all around setting.

    As to which one I depends on what I'm doing.

  • Hi Peter I try to find the answers first but did not find it... In terms of image quality which one you recommend the drewnet cluster 6 or this flowmotion v2.02?

  • There are several distinguishing technical differences between Cluster v6 and Flow Motion v2:

    Cluster v6 is a long-GOP patch that uses conservative peak bitrates and coarser quantization tables on its P and B-frames than on its I-frames. This should make it a good choice for users who want a patch that improves on the unhacked firmware without producing large video files.

    Flow Motion v2 is a short-GOP patch that uses moderately high bitrates to virtually eliminate macroblock artifacts in the most demanding fast-action shooting conditions. It uses custom quantization tables designed to produce B and P-frames of the same quality as its I-frames. This makes it a good choice for users who want a patch that delivers motion picture quality comparable to all-Intra 24p patches at about half the file size, and without compromising the quality of HBR modes.

    For more details on Flow Motion v2 features:

  • @johnnygh2 Since you narrowed it down to Cluster 6....look at two of my favorites. Onionbrain has video on Drewnet on you tube. Have a look at his stuff in Cluster 6.

    Rambo has a link to his website in his profile. Look at some of his work with Flow Motion 2.2.

    Both of them could make a feature film on an Iphone so you can see some of the best work with each. They are two entirely different styles but make the most of the respective setting.

    What I have loaded is really irreverent because I don't do artistic video. But FWIW, one camera is loaded with Flow Motion 2.2 an the other gets changed almost daily. Right now it has CM Night.