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Everything is a Remix
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  • LaForet... Great eye, good commercial filmmaker and teacher, but an artist he is not.

    Remixing is nothing new, it's based on appropriation and has been around since humans evolved culture.

    The only limits of creativity are the limits of the human being.

    'Everything is a remix' implies that nothing is new.

    Someone should tell this guy that originality is created when you combine elements and that it isn't called remixing but creation.

    I think the way he makes his points is cute, but really lame.
  • @EOSHD

    Easy, please.
    He only referenced videos on his blog.
    Look at author.
  • I've read his blog... 2 years and counting now... nothing on it is artistic in my opinion. He's a nice guy though.

    The docu is entertaining but I really just can't believe what it says. The 'remixing' of art and culture is far more complicated than the way it's portrayed.
  • Definition of "artistic" is so fucking fuzzy, so let's not go that way, ok? :-)
  • Haha. It is indeed. Everybody has their own interpretation, which I suppose is because interpretation is an integral part of art. If you have never seen a part of popular culture and it is appropriated into something new, it would seem completely original and not remixed. If an Amazonian rain forest tribe saw Star Wars for the first time, they'd think George Lucas was a genius and not just lifting ideas from westerns ;)
  • The word "art" is used so liberally that it's meaning is absolutely lost. I thought the video series was worth watching in it's entirety. The presentation was nice and snappy. Too bad all the edits and narration were so derivative.