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Pancakes Lumix G 20mm 1.7 and wide-angle adapter lens impact ?
  • I'm wondering can a 20mm 1.7 pancake, tiny lens keep up
    with wide-angle adapters , Canon, Nikon etc ...
    As I have seen some videos using 20mm 1.7 + Nikon NH-WM75 (0.75)
    This would make it 14mm wide-angle i think ...
    The problem is wide-angle adapters are very heavy and auto focus have a moving body with filter thread ...
    Have anyone tried and how risky is to damage the tiny motor or gears inside 20mm ?

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  • I've only used a wide angle adapter with my 14-140 lens, but then I turned off all AF options. With that it becomes def wider, slower (which isn't bad when shooting in sunlight) and loses sharpness. I like the results and in many situations don't even detach the 2nd lens. Problem is you can't zoom even mechanically because you can't focus after you do that. Though the circular blurring effect may seem attractive in some situations.

    Thank you.
    Anyone tested with 20mm ?
  • I have used WA adapters on my 20mm and you get a very nice field of view, that is a bit soft an the edges. Minolta made a super light one and there are others that are light if you are worried about the weight.
  • @DrDave

    Thank you,
    any info on Minolta type ?
  • It's a ZCW 200, but I just tried it and it doesn't seem to work. Canon and Sony make a 46mm WA, and there is the Panasonic VW-W4607 but it is pricey. I'm wondering if the edge correction software works against the wide results have been only OK, soft in the corners.
  • @DrDave
    Thanks a lot, it helps much.
  • I have checked this one ...
    Digital King DSW Pro 0.7x Wide Angle Lens - 52mm
    Anyone tested?
    Image quality ?
    it's weight 65g only, would this weight be a problem to 20mm pancake ?
    Other lenses wights much more ...
  • tested Canon WA x0.7 adapter on 14mm 2.5 works well without any vignetting.
    This combination comes to about 9.5mm lens, have no idea if aperture go slower.
    Notice slightly aberration near the ages.
    Wide angle more like fisheye but not too much.
    I think, combination 20.7 with WA 0.7 is interesting for fast change angle view without cut and changing base lens.
  • Just got a 58mm .6 Century adapter delivered (from the Century/Schneider sale.) I like it on the 20mm Panasonic pancake.
    ...but I really like it for medium shots with the M. Zuiko 12mm.
    Long shots look kind of funny. Normal wide, close in and fish eye in the distance.
    This effect is especially noticed in indoor shots in a long room.
    There may be something useful here, with these adapters!
  • To reduce weight in my opinion one can look for smaller adapters than original 46mm for 20mm pancake. Then just use a step down ring. I have a 42mm x0.5 and it works well at >= 2.8.