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Japan - champions

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    Japan have won the women's World Cup 3-1 on penalties after a dramatic final with the USA finished 2-2 in Frankfurt.
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  • Although it's a shame to loose on penalty kicks, hats off to Japan. They never gave up, and I'm glad they got this victory given what their country has recently gone through. (USA had some great goals though!)
  • Yeah, very interesting match.
    In some parts similar to USA vs Brasil.
  • I'm in the USA, but I must say, the US deserved to loose in this very bizarre feeling way, considering their bizarre defense. The USA was fine on offense, but as soon as Japan got into the USA box, the US women seemed to just start panicking. I was disgusted. They couldn't seem to keep themselves composed, and professionals should be able to do that.
  • Both teams were symphatic in their own way and a high technical skill, USA-team more athletically, but had been not be able to transform their higher skill to a best result. This is a best dramatic/interesting situation for the spectators with respect to both teams.