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Mac gamma issue with GH2 footage - still a problem with FCPX ?
  • Hey folks.

    I've read a few things here and there on this site and the internet about importing our clips to look the best, with 5DToRGB offering improvements to sub-sampling and perhaps this gamma issue that certainly effected FCP7, and Premiere on Mac, and in some footage perhaps Windows too.

    There are some discussions about whether its an issue for FCPX or not.

    I wondered if anyone here had any definitive verdict on FCPX's state in this matter?

    I know I watched some footage off camera, over HDMI last night and it looked quite washed out. Watching it tonight within FCPX on my MacBook I can see that the material looks more contrasty. Obviously the two displays are different and not calibrated in any way, but does this imply a problem or not? In this case i think the footage in FCPX looks better, though perhaps less flat and ready for grading.

    I've tried opening the same file in VLC, FCPX, QuickLook and QuickTime... perhaps there are some differences between VLC and QuickLook/Time but its quite subtle. Would this imply the issue is occuring? Which would be the more "correct" playback?

    Finally, if there is an issue, is it even an issue at all with a full 32bit float workflow, has anything actually been lost. The example comparisons on EOSHD's article above look like a real big difference.

    The convenience of working with clips natively ingested via FCPX is sort of why I enjoy using it so i'm a little reluctant to work with another workflow, especially for one as I'm running out of disk space a little too quickly, whenever I create ProRes clips of large amounts of footage.

    Would really appreciate a discussion on this, if there are any FCPX/GH2 users out there.