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VLMC - VideoLAN Movie Creator
  • The VideoLan organization (best known for its VLC media player) has started a project called "VLMC" or "VideoLAN Movie Creator", aiming at implementing yet another free, open-source non-linear video editor:

    I downloaded the source code, compiled and tried the software briefly. It is not yet at a point where it would make sense to test it for actual usability, as of today, it is at a very early stage of development, and seeking for attention from potential code contributors.

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  • Looks good. I hope it gets support.

    Does anyone know of any other open source (stable) video editing software that can handle h.264 MTS files from the GH2?

    sorry, I just saw the Flowblade topic:

  • @karl

    How do you compile something like this?

  • Looks crappy.

  • There early VLC was crappy too ;-)

    It's up to the community to improve on it.

  • @Ralph_B: Well, instructions on how to compile VLMC are available here. But let me put it this way: If you are not already experienced in compiling C/C++ software from its sources, VLMC is probably the wrong exercise to start with, as it is a particular bitch to compile, if only because of its numerous dependencies on additional sources.

  • @MirrorMan Lightworks is free. It can support AVCHD and most other things you can throw at it. I used it yonks ago in its previous incarnation with the Steenbeck-like controller and I remember it as being really nice to use. Haven't tried it since but look it up - it's been used on a lot of movies. And did I mention it's free?

  • AVCHD support in Lightworks isn't free (one must upgrade to pro) and it all but chokes on the MTS files from my GH2.

    I'm excited to see the VLC people work on a NLE! In a year or two, it'll probably be pretty solid/usable!

  • Ah - interesting - didn't know that about Lightworks choking - haven't actually used it on my pc, only the very early version which the BBC had, which ran in dedicated hardware. Shame - looked a goody.

  • I was mistaken previously. I think it's actually fine with MTS/AVCHD files and bad with H.264. Sorry for the confusion! Either way, it sucks for me since I usually shoot with a GH2 a camera and a 5DII b camera.

  • @eatstoomuchjam I had lightworks installed on my old laptop and it would transcode my 7D footage to one of the matrox codecs on import IIRC. I think our IT director has it pre installed on my new desktop at work so I might give it another try.

  • Is there any new news on VLMC - VideoLAN Movie Creator? Or we should stop to hope on future VLMC improvement?

  • @yskunto: It seems the VLMC project hasn't attracted significant developer involvement, yet, so I wouldn't bet on it.

    On the bright side, the development of kdenlive, which had temporarily stalled while its core developer followed other interests, has recently gained additional supporters and seems to be maintained again.