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Music video I shot on Red Epic with a dash of GH13
  • Hello everyone, been reading these forums for a long time, I mainly shoot music videos here's one that I shot mainly on the Red Epic at 4k actually not 5k and my gh13 as B cam.

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  • Nice work n5p! I shot a RED/GH13 music video a couple years back. The RED was a RED ONE MX tho. The two cut together pretty good.

  • hey thanks for sending me this, I love seeing other examples of how the two cameras work together. I guess you found the grading is where the challenge usually lies, that was the case with me. I'm really intersted in these kinds of clips as I am debating on shooting my next feature on one Red camera or 3 GH2's or GH1/GH2. I'm leaning to the latter, as the advantages seems to outweight the benefits of shooting single camera Red.

  • With the RED tho you get that higher Latitude. Maybe by the time you shoot the feature, there will be some Blackmagic camera's near you that you could use. Another option is the 5D3's or D800's. The 5D3 has an "ALL-I" (I-frame) mode and you can use the Technicolor color profile. The D800 has a clean HDMI out, so you can record externally, and you can use the Flaat 12 color profile. I like the GH1/GH2 a lot, but the lack of latitude is a real bummer for me. I really had to dumb a lot of the RED MX footage down and squeeze out some latitude to get them to match.

    Here is an example of something I just shot with the 5D3 with the Technicolor color profile in ALL-I mode.

  • very interesting, I didn't know the 5d3 had an all i mode. You video looks pretty filmic, which I find is always tougher to pull off in bright, saturated scenes. So I went looking for more ALL -i 5d3 videos and again it comes down to the people behind the camera becuase I saw some very videoish looking clips.

    To be honest, I don't think the cost for quality advantage can be beat with the GH2 or for me specifically the 3 camera GH2 shoot. I could just buy two of them and I'm good to go using my gh13 as the 3rd camera. ANd i've shot alot of stuff to on it to know you can get cinematic images out of it if you are quite careful. That is where the advantage really comes into play. Becuase, the time saving I'm hoping will allow that attention to detail that makes all the difference. Even if I was shooting on an Alexa and had to rush through some shots, which you know will happen with a one camera setup, then even that could cause weak-suace shots. But hey, if I know I only need one or two good takes, I can take that much needed time to get everything jsut about right. I don't know we'll see.