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The Cutting Edge - The Magic of Movie Editing
  • Complete, parts 1-7

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  • Very good documentary - kind of like 'Visions of Light' for film editing.
  • bummer..
    some of the links are blocked by FOX..
    i was just starting to enjoy it :(
    any other way of seeing this?
  • @rozroz, You can buy it as a standalone DVD for about $15 off Amazon, however, it is also included as an extra on the 2-disc special edition of Bullitt for only $6, even cheaper if you buy used :)

    Otherwise - maybe Netflix? Dunno.
  • Just checked and it's available on Netflix.
  • thanks.
    nevermind, found the rest bits and pieces of it on youtube.
    besides, it's a NICE docu.. not exiting enough to actually BUY it..